Kystdagen 2023

Anju volunteers for outreach activity at the Polar Museum

"Algae pressing: create your own work of art! Many people may have pressed flowers, but did you know that you can also press seaweed? Find shapes and colors you like in our collection and create a unique work of art from seaweed and kelp!" (As advertised on 10 June, for Tarepressing Station)

Anju collecting samples for the pop-up station Foto: Vanessa Pitusi

The Tarepressing station on 10th June at Kystdagen 2023 attracted both young and adult alike to the algae pressing event. It was an outreach pop-up station organized by the University Museum as a part of the Sjømatfest 2023. Fromm lab PhD student Anju Angelina Hembrom volunteered during the outreach activity.

Anju helping visitors pressing the algae Foto: Vanessa Pitusi

The pop-up station had a collection of algae species from Tromsø and nearby which were available for the visitors to make their own art. Anju actively participated in collecting the samples, and also helping the visitors pressing the algae. She also wrapped the art as souvenirs for visitors who wanted to take their art with them.The pop-up station also had microscopes for visitors who wanted to look at their own samples from the beach. However, the main attraction remained the algae pressing activity, with an estimate of more than 100 presses and a hundred more visitors. With a bright sunny day and a nice warm weather, the event was overall a huge success!