Multi-disciplinary Study of Atmospheric Ice Accretion Physics and Developing Optimal Technological Solutions to Minimize Ice Accretion Effects

Photo: Muhammad Virk


1) nICE Project Article in EU Research Magazine

EU Research Magazine ( in its recent spring 2024 issue (page 36) has published an article about nICE project. The ISSN numbers for the journal are: EU Research (Print) ISSN 2752-4728 and EU Research (Online) ISSN 2752-4736

A direct link for this article:

2) nICE Project Research Seminar

As part of nICE project activities, a research seminar is organized at UiT campus Tromsø on 29th September 2023. All PhD and Post doctoral researchers working on icing and cold climate from nICE project and other projects of UiT participated in this seminar. Professor Muhammad Virk and Professor Yngve Birkelund jointly hosted this research seminar.  

Research theme of this seminar was ‘Icing & Cold Climate’, that provided a good platform to all PhD and Post-doctoral researchers from UiT working on topics related to icing to disseminate their research work, discuss together and strengthen the synergies with other researchers working on icing related topics. Researcher from MET Norway (Tromsø) also prticipated in this seminar. 

3) nICE & IWAIS 2024

The International Workshop on Atmospheric Icing of Structures (IWAIS) will be organized from June 18-21, 2024 at UiT-The Arctic University of Norway (Narvik campus). Arctic Technology & Icing Research Group (arcICE) will coordinate this event. Norway has a long-standing commitment to IWAIS and is hosting this event after 40 years as previously Norway hosted this in 1984 at Trondheim. This has been one of the most important scientific forum for disseminating research results about atmospheric icing and its effects on structures. 

nICE project researchers are working together with IWAIS team to organize this prestigeous scientificn event in Norway

More details about this can be found:

4) nICE researchers participation in MULTIPHYSICS 2022 Conference

nICE PhD students actively participated in Multiphysics 2022 confernce organized at Oslo Met University, Oslo Norway from 15-16 December 2022. Four research papers were presented by the nICE team. 

5) Opening of UiT-arcICE Field Ice Monitoring Research Station

On Wednesday 02 November, 2022 UiT arcICE field ice monitoring station was officially inagurated. This station is located at Fagernesfjellet Narvik at 1006 m a.s. This stationn is part of nICE project. l National Norwegian Media (NRK) puclished a story about this icing station and also made a news on TV.

6) arcICE - Cold Climate Technolog & Icing Seminar

As part of nICE & CoARICE projects, Arctic Technology & Icing Research group (arcICE) at Institute of Industrial Technology organized a research seminar on topics related to cold climate and icing related research activities at IVT faculty. The was a hybrid event and participants can join with physical presences and online. The seminar is scheduled on 18th October 2022 at UiT campus Narvik.

 Prof Hu Hui (Martin C. Jischke Professor and Director of Graduate Education, Department of Aerospace Engineering, Iowa State University USA) will be keynote speaker in this seminar. Key researchers  will present an overview of their ongoing research activities about cold climate and icing. We welcome you all to participate in this research seminar.

7) nICE Project Kick-off Meeting

The project kick-off meeting was held on 28. April at Narvik.