Photo: Illustrasjon av Cathrine E. Warvik

Tromsø Infant Faces Database

What is TIF?

Tromsø Infant Faces database (TIF) is a set of images of infant faces (n=18) displaying different facial expressions. All infants display 4-7 facial expressions validated by over 700 participants (see Maack et al., 2017). For each of the 18 infants (age 4-12 months) the database contains images rated as happy and sad, and in all but one cases also a neutral expression. In addition all infants display a variety of other expressions, either anger, fear, suprise or disgust. In total the TIF database contains 119 images of infant facial expressions.

How to use TIF

TIF is freely available for usage in scientific research. Pictures of two exemplary infants can be viewed on this page.

For full access please contact Gerit Pfuhl at


Maack JK, Bohne A, Nordahl D, Livsdatter L, Overvoll M, Wang CA and Pfuhl G (2017). The Tromso Infant Faces database (TIF): development, validation and application to assess parenting experience on clarity and intensity ratings. Front. Psychol. 8:409. doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2017.00409