UngKven – NuoriKväani

Research about and with children and young people with a Kven/Norwegian-Finnish background

UngKven - NuoriKväani started in autumn 2020. The main aim of the project is to build up a knowledge base and research collaborations for research and applications for research funding. UngKven - NuoriKvääni is designed as an umbrella project that systematically initiates the inclusion of a focus on children and young people with a Kven/Norwegian-Finnish background in relevant projects. Norwegian Kveners' Association - Ruijan kvääniliitto and their youth organization Kvääninuoret - Kvenungdommen are among the project's central partners. 

In the period 2020-2022, UngKven - NuoriKvääni carried out the pilot project "UngKven - NuoriKvääni: A pilot study of knowledge needs, research priorities and recruitment for research" that includes children and young people with a Kven/Norwegian-Finnish background. A report and two scientific articles based on the project are in progress. 

Video: Presentation of the pilotproject in conjunction with the opening of Vadsø Museum – Ruija Kven Museum, august 2021.

In 2022, in collaboration with the organization Mental Health Youth and a number of partners in Kven organisations/institutions and municipalities with residents of Kven/Norwegian-Finnish background, an application has been made for research funds from Stiftelsen Dam for the post-doc project KASUTA: To Grow Up. The project received funding in October 2023, and will take place in the period 01.01.2024-31.12.2026.

The project "Improving mental health services with and for indigenous and ethnic minority youth (InvolveMENT)" is a collaborative project led by the University of Stavanger where UngKven's project manager Anita Salamonsen as Professor II at UiS will particularly work with research on and with national minorities, including young people with Kven/Norwegian-Finnish background. The project was granted 4-year support from the Research Council in June 2022. The total budget is 26 mill NKR. Project period 01.07.2023-30.06.2027.