Education and transition phases, student knowledge and training

First year students

A student health and well-being research project, integrated pilot research projects and an integrated platform for learning activities.

WITH-BY-FOR STUDENTS. Photo: David Jensen, UiT The Arctic University of Norway

We want to increase our knowledge of the transition from youth to adulthood experienced by students. We do this by planning and developing a larger survey of student health and well-being (the “well-being survey”) in collaboration with UiT students as co-researchers. Together with the study programmes and students at UiT, we are incorporating research activities, where relevant, into student learning. We have already tested innovative data collection through smaller project-based studies. We are also planning future project-based studies in collaboration with study programmes and students. 

Our closest partners are the Student Parliamentwhich represents the student body at UiT, and the Arctic Student Welfare Organisation, which is responsible for student accommodation, canteens, fitness centres and counselling.

In the long term, we hope to make it possible for students to become ambassadors for public health.