Encounters and Cultural Transfers in Colonial Hispanic Literature

Research project

Códice Durán

Encounters and Cultural Transfers in Colonial Hispanic Literature

The idea of cultural transferences is the principal perspective of this project and will serve as a methodological frame to explain a long history of cultural crossroads, tensions and misunderstandings in Latin-American culture. Rather than considering these cultural transferences, as simple continuities of the Westen tradition in the New World, the project aims to analyse this transfers as instances of discontinuity and adaptation, transculturation, ethnic and social mestizaje, and mutation or hybridation, manifested in literature of various genres.

     Martín de Murúa, Historia general del Pirú,The Getty Museum

This project will have various phases, and with time we will go through the different chronological periods of the Latin-American cultural history. Initially we will focus on the colonial period.

Colonial Literature:

By studying particular cases from the first encounter, the conquest and the formation of the colonial societies, this phase of the project pretends to study how a new intercultural discourse emerged in the New World (through impositions, reactions, sub-discourses, and especially through mestizaje and syncretism).

Phase 2: (2015-2020)

Indigenous peoples, missionaries and literature in colonial Latin America.

Founded by: Department of Language and Culture (ISK).

1) Ph.D. Dissertation: 

Roxana Sarion, Conversión de Píritu (1690) de Matías Ruiz Blanco. Una obra misionera en el contexto fronterizo del oriente venezolano.

Roxana Sarion has successfully defended her Ph.D. dissertation at the Arctic University of Norway on April 26, 2021. The dissertation directors were Prof. Carlos Cabanillas Cárdenas (UiT) and Prof. Otto Zwartjes (Université de Paris). The evaluation committee was composed by Prof. Esperanza López Parada (Unvseridad Complutense de Madrid), Prof. Victoria Ríos Castano (Coventry University), Prof. Antonio Fábregas (UiT).

2) Seminar:

Depictions of Indigenous Identities in the North and the South: Transcultural Dimensions in Early Modern Literature

ISK (UiT) i collaboration with POCLAT and SESAM, Friday, 13th of October 2017

3)  Seminar: 

Persistence of the Indigenous myths and religions during the Christianisation of Latin America.

in collaboration with The Center for Sami Studies (SESAM), Wednesday, May the 11th. 2016.

Phase 1: (2012-2014)

Indigenous and Creole Subjects in Latin America. Homogenization, Negotiation and Subversion (16th.-18th c.)

Founded by: The Research Council of Norway /  Norks Forskningsrådet (NFR208705/H30) in collaboration with The Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú.

1) Book: 

Carlos F. Cabanillas Cárdenas (ed.) Sujetos coloniales: escritura, identidad y negociación en Hispanoamérica (siglos XVI-XVIII), New York, IDEA, 1917, ISBN: 978-1-938795-32-9  online


2) Ph.D Dissertation: 

Leonor Taiano Campoverde, Entre mecenazgo y piratería: Una recontextualización histórica e ideológica de Infortunios de Alonso Ramírez (2014) online

Leonor Taiano Campoverde has successfully defended her PhD. dissertation at the University of Tromso -the Arctic University of Norway on February 14, 2014. The dissertation director was Prof. Carlos Cabanillas Cárdenas (UiT) and the evaluation committee was composed by Prof. José Buscaglia (University at Buffalo—The State University of New York), Prof. Pilar Latasa (Universidad de Navarra), Prof. Antonio Fábregas (UiT). The public defence was led by Prof. Svein Aamold (UIT).

3) Conference: Indigenous and Creole Subjects in Latin America. Homogenization, Negotiation and Subversion (16th.-18th.c).

Department of Humanities of the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, Lima, 31 May-2 Juni, 2012. 




4) Seminar: Colonial conflicts: Indigenous and creole subjects in Latin American colonial texts

Tromsø, Thursday 6. October 2011. Programme

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Profs.: Pedro Guibovich (Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú), José A. Rodríguez Garrido (Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú), Marguerite Cattan (Høgskole i Østfold), José Buscaglia (University at Buffalo- The State University of New York) y Álvaro Baraibar (GRISO- Universidad de Navarra).


Carlos F. Cabanillas Cárdenas (ed.) Sujetos coloniales: escritura, identidad y negociación en Hispanoamérica (siglos XVI-XVIII), New York, IDEA, 2017. Online

Leonor Taiano Campoverde, Entre mecenazgo y piratería: una recontextualización histórica e ideológica de Infortunios de Alonso Ramírez, Tromsø, Ph.D. dissertation, Universitetet i Tromsø, 2013. Online

Juan del Valle y Caviedes, Guerras físicas, proezas medicales, hazanas de la ignorancia, edición crítica, estudio y anotación de Carlos F. Cabanillas Cárdenas, Madrid/Frankfurt am Mein, Iberoamericana/Vervuert, 2013.

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