Transforming CO2 to capital by interdisciplinary CCU optimization strategies (iCCU)

The primary objective of the project is to optimize industrially relevant technologies for CO2 Capture and Usage (CCU) by taking into account environmental, ethical, and business-related aspects.

Secondary objectives are to:

  • Develop sustainable homogeneous catalysts for chemical conversion of CO2
  • Analyze how CCU impacts Norway’s moral and legal obligations of climate justice
  • Perform cost-benefit analysis of stakeholders and define sustainable CCU business models
  • Increase awareness of the potential to use CO2 as a resource and an alternative to fossil carbon
  • Provide project PhDs with interdisciplinary scientific training and transferable skills, allowing them to assess economic, environmental, and ethical aspects of novel technologies!

The iCCU project is part of an initiative to set up a national CCU center in Norway. Our goal is to build a center that views CCU in a holistic manner, providing knowledge on all relevant aspects, i.e. chemical and biological conversion, process optimization, economic viability and environmental, societal and ethical aspects.

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