Border Aesthetics


Dissemination activities of the Border Aesthetics Project (2010-2013)

For continuing updates on project-related activity, see the Border Aesthetics Facebook group and Twitter feed.


Book Launch and Seminar Border Aesthetics: Concepts and Intersections, Tromsø 15-16 May - programme



A conversation between Chiara Brambilla and Holger Pötzsch on iBorder, Borderscapes, and Bordering on the Society and Space website - text

Article in Norwegian for the literary magazine Kuiper (1/2005): Johan Schimanski, "Krensens estestikk".


Special issue of Nordlit 2014/31 "Border Aesthetics" (ed. Stephen Wolfe) with keynotes and papers from the Border Aesthetics conference, including four articles by project members - open access articles

Book Navigating Cultural Spaces: Maritime Places, eds. Anna-Margaretha Horatschek, Yvonne Rosenberg and Daniel Schäbler, Amsterdam: Rodopi, including three articles by project members - abstract & contents list

Panel presentation by Holger Pötzsch, Internasjonalt seminar "Scenekunst som motstand – er kunst en samfunnsaktør med styrke", Tromsø 1 May - info

Interview on results of project and related activities, university website 18 Februarytext

Lecture for creative writing students, Forfatterstudiet i Tromsø, by Johan Schimanski, "Litteratur og grenser", 24 January



Final project report - report - printed in La Frontera

Notices, blogs opinion pieces by project participants in EUBORDERSCAPES Newsletter 2/2013 and 3/2013 (Stephen Wolfe/Henk van Houtum, Johan Schimanski, Chiara Brambilla) and on Northern Nations, Northern Natures blog site (Johan Schimanski/Ulrike Spring) - newsletter - blog

Presentation of project at lunch seminar by Johan Schimanski, "Humaniora, samfunnsvitenskap og grenser", Fredagskvarteret, Avdeling for Samfunnsvitenskap, Høgskulen i Sogn og Fjordane, 15 November

Papers at “Border Code” conference, Karelian Institute, University of Eastern Finland, 6-8 November - info

Border Aesthetics Project internal workshop, Voksenåsen, Oslo, October 26-27.

Discussant presentation at "antiAtlas des frontières" conference by Johan Schimanski, "Representation-Fiction at Borders", Aix-en-Provence, 30 September-2 October.

 production: antiAtlas des frontières)

Guest lecture at University of East London, by Stephen Wolfe, “Edge Writing: Imaginary Geographies of Waiting at the Border”, CMRB - Centre for research on Refugees, Migration and Belonging, 30 September - details

Re-Aligned Art symposium days, "Can we Get Past the ‘Post-’?" & “Re-Aligned: Politics, Art, and Protest”, Tromsø Kunstforening & Centre for Peace Studies, co-arranged with various partners, 15-16 July - programme

Papers at “Mapping Conceptual Change in Thinking European Borders”, European Border Studies Conference, Bergamo 3-5 July - programme

Interview related to EUBORDERSCAPES project on university website 31 May - text

Guest lecture at University of Copenhagen by Stephen Wolfe, “Waking the Dead--Bordercrossings, Memoryscapes and Righting/Re-writing History”, Crossing Borders, TRAMS Seminar Series, PhD School at the Faculty of Humanities at University of Copenhagen, 16-17 May

Guest Lecture by Holger Pötzsch: "The Emergence of iWar: Changing Perceptions of Military Engagement in a Post-Broadcast Era", London South Bank University, Centre for Media and Cultural Research, April 15, 2013.

Chto delat newspaper #11-35 "Language of/at the Border" produced by Chto delat? in cooperation with the Border Aesthetics project, including 4 articles by project members - online edition

  • Holger Pötzsch, "Mind the Gap", p. 5.
  • Johan Schimanski, "Borderscaping the Russian-Norwegian Borderline", pp.16-18.
  • Stephen Wolfe and Henk van Houtum, "Waiting at the Border with Franz Kafka and J. M. Coetzee", pp. 9-11.
  • Urban Wråkberg, "Contested Metaphors in the European North", pp. 14-15.

Chto delat? / What is to be done? "A Border Musical" première at Barents Spektakel 2013, 6 february, in cooperation with partners including the Border Aesthetics project. - web page & trailer - also shown later at the triennale Bergen Assembly 2013.

Continuation of Filmborders in Joensuu, arranged by the research project Writing Cultures and Traditions at Borders (WTCB), VERA Centre for Russian and Border Studies, & North Karelian Regional Film Association. Introductory talks by Mari Ristolainen 30 January & 6 November - Filmborders I - Filmborders II

Papers at Relocating Borders, EastBordNet Conference, Humboldt University Berlin, 10-13 January - info



Notices, opinion pieces, interviews by/with project participants in EUBORDERSCAPES Newsletter (Chiara Brambilla, issue 1/2012), All-Kazan Real Estate (project postdoc Nadir Kinossian, 8-14 March, 29 March-4 April), Evening Kazan (Nadir Kinossian, 27 July), Confini radio show, Radio POPOLARE, Milan (Chiara Brambilla, 31 August),, Le Monde Diplomatique (Spanish edition), El Faro, Radio Limburg, OBA Live (Henk van Houtum), etc.

Lectures by Holger Pötzsch at "Data, Memory, Territory" international symposium and postgraduate masterclasses, University of Western Sydney, 26-28 September - info

Keynote lecture by Stephen Wolfe at "In, Out and In-Between: Dynamics of Cultural Borders", V. Autumn Conference of the Centre of Excellence in Cultural Theory, University of Tallin, October 17-19 - info

Special issue of Folklore 2012/03 "Borders and Life Stories" (eds. Tulliki Kurki & Kirsi Laurén) with two articles by project members and interview - open access articles - interview with Stephen Wolfe

Interview in cultural magazine Sirp with Stephen Wolfe - interview

Talk and discussion at philosophical café by Johan Schimanski, "Grensens gjenkomst", Filosofiske samtaler, Tromsø, 22 September. Notice in regional newspaper Nordlys 22 September - details

Filmborders / Filmgrenser film showings (third series) with introductions at Verdensteatret Cinematek, Tromsø September-December. Seven film showings with introductions from participants in the Border Aesthetics research project and others, with financing from the Research Council of Norway. Interviews in local newspaper ITromsø and on university website. - documentation

Border Aesthetics International Conference, Tromsø 5-7 September. Notices in local and regional newspapers iTromsø and Nordlys, extensive reports in La Frontera: Association for Borderlands Studies Newsletter33.2 and EUBORDERSCAPES Newsletter 2/2013 - documentation - special issue of Nordlit

Public presentation by Dmitry Vilensky of the artists collective Chto delat? / What is to be done? (St Petersburg) of work on "A Border Musical", during the Border Aesthetics Conference at Tromsø Kunstforening, 6 September. 50 participants. - details

Public panel debate on "Borders and Cultural Production" with artistic director Luba Kuzovnikova, dance artist Liv-Hanne Haugen, poet Liv Lundberg, and filmmaker Knut Erik Jensen, introduced and moderated by Ruben Moi, during the Border Aesthetics conference, University of Tromsø, 7 September. - details

Interview related to EUBORDERSCAPES project on university website 4 July - text

Guest lectures by Chiara Brambilla and Reinhold Görling, Tromsø 29 May (text seminar 31 May) - Chiara Brambilla: "Shifting Euro/African Borderscapes: Experiences, Policies and Representations at the Interface of Euro/African Border Nexus" - Reinhold Görling: "Crossing the Border: the Event, the Sovereign, the Subject, and the Social" - details - small version

 watch lecture video (production UVETT)

 watch lecture video (production UVETT)

Talk at border town literary festival by Johan Schimanski, "Grensens nett", Finnmark Internasjonale Litteraturfestival, Kirkenes, 1 March 2012 - details



Border Aesthetics project awarded the research dissemination prize for 2011 by the Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences and Education at the University of Tromsø - news item - blog

Border-related blogs and opinion pieces in Klassekampen (by Holger Pötzsch, 15 August) and on (by Johan Schimanski & Ulrike Spring, 15 September)

Articles for literary magazines by Ruben Moi: "'The bleb of the icicle': Kunstnerisk temperement og samtidens kulde i Seamus Heaney's North", Kuiper, 2/2011, pp. 47-59 & "Vellykkete grensebrytninger?", Norsk Shakespeare- og teatertidsskrift, 3-4/2011, p. 145 - text

Guest lecture and introduction to film showing by Lene Johannessen, Tromsø October 5-10: “’Perpetual Progress’:  The American-ness of Drude Krog Janson’s A Saloonkeeper’s Daughter” - details.

Lene Johannessen watch lecture video (production: Stian Andreassen and UVETT)

Public talk by project postdoc Nadir Kinossian, "The Role of Heritage in Urban Regeneration”, at "Made in Kazan Seminar", Kazan City Hall, 1 October. ca. 1000 participants.

Filmborders / Filmgrenser film showings (second series) with introductions at Verdensteatret Cinematek, Tromsø September-December. Eight film showings with introductions from participants in the Border Aesthetics research project, with financing from the Research Council of Norway. Article/interview in regional newspaper Nordlys. - documentation

Border Aesthetics Project internal workshop, Norwegian Institute in Rome, May 26-28.

Seminar on Borders Research at UiT / Border Conversations with Chto delat?, arranged together with Oslo and Tromsø Art Academies and Pikene på broen, Tromsø Art Academy May 6 with Chto delat? artist talk and film screening at Verdensteatret Cinematek May 5 - details.

Guest lecture by Mireille Rosello, Tromsø April 6: "The Vulnerable Participant Observer and Native Informant: 'Gadjo Dilo' and the Representation of Roma-French cultures" - details

Guest lecture by Mari Ristolainen,  Tromsø March 16: "Faceless Gatekeepers? Russian Border Guards' Poems Online" - details

Guest lecture by Urban Wråkberg, Tromsø February 23: "Assessing the Barents Region: Contemporary Contests and Alliances in Cross-Border Communities" - details

Wraakberg2.jpg watch lecture video (production: UVETT)



Conference Panel: Sea Borders in English Literature, with keynote by Stephen Wolfe, at conference Navigating Cultural Spaces: Images of Coast and Sea, University of Kiel, 1-3 October 2010 - conference program - panel co-ordinator Stephen Wolfe

Guest lecture and introduction to film showing by Henk van Houtum, Tromsø 27-29 September: “The Abducted and Gated Europe” - film “Welcome Europa” (Bruno Ulmer, 2006) - details

Project brochure in Norwegian, Sámi, Russian and English - pdfs

Filmborders / Filmgrenser film showings with introductions at Verdensteatret Cinematek, Tromsø September-December. Eight film showings with introductions from participants in the Border Aesthetics research project, with financing from the Research Council of Norway. Interviews/articles in local, regional and student newspapers iTromsøNordlys, and Utropia. - documentation

Border literature competition Литература без границ “Literature without Borders” - A writing competition in the Murmansk region organized by a Literature Portal, Border Aesthetics and the University of Eastern Finland (research project Writing Cultures and Traditions at Borders). - details

Lecture by Johan Schimanski at cultural policy conference "Internasjonal kultursatsing i nord! Nordnorsk kulturpolitisk konferanse under festspillene i Nord-Norge", Harstad, Norway, 22 June - details - programme

Border-related opinion pieces in Klassekampen by Holger Pötzsch, 15 August

Guest lecture by Reinhold Görling, Tromsø 8 February: "Borders of the Human: On Vulnerability and Violence" - with internal research group workshop following - details

Reinhold foredrag.jpg (ungsinn: 130px) watch lecture video (production: UVETT)

Border Aesthetics internal workshop, Barents Institute, Kirkenes 5-6 February, alongside Barents Spektakel 2010.

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