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Selected academic publications of the Border Aesthetics Project (2010-2013), and complete lists.


  • Border Aesthetics book: A collaborative book on central issues in border aesthetics, with an introduction by Stephen Wolfe and Mireille Rosello, chapters on six key words (Ecology, Imaginary, In/visibility, Palimpsest, Sovereignty, Waiting) by Mireille Rosello/Tim Saunders, Reinhold Görling/Johan Schimanski, Chiara Brambilla/Holger Pötzsch, Urban Wråkberg/Nadir Kinossian, Lene Johannessen/Ruben Moi, and Henk van Houtum/Stephen Wolfe, along with a conclusion and glossary by Johan Schimanski and Stephen Wolfe. New York: Berghahn, 2017. - publishers' page - introduction
  • Chapter presenting project terminology and themes for KULVER Programme anthology: Johan Schimanski and Stephen F. Wolfe. "The Aesthetics of Borders".  Assigning Cultural Values. Ed. Kjerstin Aukrust. Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang, 2013. 235-50.
  • Special Issue of Nordlit with 11 papers from the Border Aesthetics conference, including articles by Anne Heith, Ruben Moi, Mari Ristolainen, and Urban Wråkberg, and an introduction by Stephen Wolfe, Nordlit 31 (2014). - text on-line (open access)
  • Preliminary special dossier on "Cultural production and negotiation of borders" with articles by Stephen Wolfe/Johan Schimanski, Tim Saunders, Holger Pötzsch and Tanja Kudrjavtseva, for Journal of Borderlands Studies 25.1 (2010), eds. Stephen Wolfe and Johan Schimanski. - texts on-line
  • Articles on aesthetic borderings by Anne Heith and Holger Pötzsch and interview with Stephen Wolfe, for the "Borders and Life-Stories" special issue of Folklore, 2013/03, eds. Tuulikki Kurki and Kirsi Laurén. - texts on-line (open access)
  • Articles on coastal borders in literature by Ruben Moi, Tim Saunders, and Stephen Wolfe, for the book Navigating Cultural Spaces: Maritime Places, eds. Anna-Margaretha Horatschek, Yvonne Rosenberg and Daniel Schäbler, Amsterdam: Rodopi, 2014.
  • Two published research interviews, one with Stephen Wolfe in Folklore as mentioned above, and one by Holger Pötzsch with the filmmaker Knut Erik Jensen (see full publication list for references). - text on-line (open access)
  • Articles on border aesthetics and bordscapes by Chiara Brambilla and Johan Schimanski for the "Borderscapes: From Border Landscapes to Border Aesthetics" special issue of Geopolitics 20.1 (2015) – texts online

Project case studies

Bjørhovde, Gerd Karin. "Women Writing (on) the Border: From the Barents Region to North America".  Colonial and Postcolonial Experiences: Essays in Honour of Peter Young. Eds. Jan Erik Mustad and Ulla  Rahbek. Oslo: Novus Forlag, 2011. 14-25. 

Brambilla, Chiara. "Shifting Italy/Libya Borderscapes at the Interface of EU/Africa Borderland: A “Genealogical” Outlook from the Colonial Era to Post-Colonial Scenarios”". ACME - An International E-Journal for Critical Geographies 13.2 (2014): 220-245.

Heith, Anne. "Särskiljandets logik i en kolonial och en antikolonial diskurs: Nils-Aslak Valkeapääs Beaivi áhčážan". Edda 110.4 (2010): 335–50.

---. "Platsens sanning: Performativitet och gränsdragningar i tornedalsk litteraturhistoria och grammatik". Nordlit.30 (2012): 71-86.

Heith, Anne. "Anticolonial and Postcolonial De-Constructions of the Nation: A Tornedalian Finnish Literary History". Battles and Borders: Perspectives on Cultural Transmission and Literature in Minor Language Areas. Eds. Petra Broomans, Roald van Elswijk, Goffe Jensma, Ester Jiresch and Janke Klok. Groningen: Barkhuis, 2015. 153-74.änmaa._In_Battles_and_Borders_Perspectives_on_Cultural_Transmission_and_Literature_in_Minor_Language_Areas_Petra_Broomans_et_al_eds._Groningen_Barkhuis_2015_pp_153-174

Houtum, Henk van "Waiting Before the Law: Kafka on the Border". Social & Legal Studies 19.3 (2010): 285-97.

Johannessen, Lene M. "Russia’s Californio Romance: The Other Shores of Whitman’s Pacific".  The Imaginary and Its Worlds: American Studies after the Transnational Turn. Eds. Laura Bieger, Ramón Saldívar and Johannes Voelz. Lebanon, NH: Dartmouth College Press, UPNE, 2013. 107-126. 

Kinossian, Nadir (2016) "Re-colonising the Arctic: The Preparation of Spatial Planning Policy in Murmansk Oblast’, Russia". Environment and Planning C: Government and Policy. Published online before print.

Kinossian, Nadir, and Julia Gerlach. "Cultural Landscape of the Arctic: ‘Recycling’ of Soviet Imagery in the Russian Settlement of Barentsburg, Svalbard (Norway)". Polar Geography 39.1 (2016): 1-19.

---. "Exploring Arctic Diversity by Hitting the Road: Where Finland, Norway, and Russia Meet." Focus on Geography 60 (2017).

Moi, Ruben. "Imagining Northern Norway: Visual Configurations of the North in the Art of Kaare Espolin Johnson and Bjarne Holst". Barents Studies 3.1 (2016): 32-66.

Pötzsch, Holger. "Aspects of Liminality in Knut Erik Jensen’s Stella Polaris (1993)". Folklore 52 (2012): 118-23.

Ristolainen, Mari. "Zooming In – Zooming Out: Politics of Photographic Aesthetics across Finnish-Russian Borders in the 1930s". Nordlit 31 (2014): 109-131.

Rosello, Mireille. "Postcolonial Relationalities in Philippe Faucon’s Dans la vie".  Postcolonial Cinema Studies. Eds. Sandra Ponzanesi and Marguerite Waller. New York: Routledge, 2011. 93-106. 

---. "Tourisme et pèlerinage: Deux savoir voyager dans Le grand voyage d’Ismaël Ferroukhi".  La Migrance à l’œuvre. Eds. Mary Gallagher and Michael Brophy. Frankfurt: Peter Lang, 2011. 139-49. 

Saunders, Timothy. "Classical Antiquity in Brian Friel’s Translations". Nordic Irish Studies 11.1 (2012): 139-58. 

---. "Coasting Classical Antiquity: Percy Shelley in the Bay of Naples".  Navigating Cultural Spaces: Maritime Places. Eds. Anna-Margaretha Horatschek, Yvonne Rosenberg and Daniel Schäbler. Amsterdam: Rodopi, 2014. 303-16. 

Schimanski, Johan. "Pronouncing it the Porder: Ascribing Aesthetic Values to External and Internal National Borders in Frank A. Jenssen’s The Salt Bin". Crossing Borders, Dissolving Boundaries. Ed. Hein Viljoen. Amsterdam: Rodopi, 2013. 181-98.

---. "Border Aesthetics and Cultural Distancing in the Norwegian-Russian Borderscape". Geopolitics 20.1 (2015): 35-55.

Wolfe, Stephen. "Robert Adams in Transatlantic Review: Archiving the Barbary Captive and Traveller". European Journal of American Studies.1/2012 (2012).

---. "Borders, Bodies, and Writing:  American Barbary Coast Captivity Narratives, 1816-1819". American Studies in Scandinavia 43.2 (2011): 5-29. 

Wråkberg, Urban. "The Geopolitics of Northern Travels: Enactments of Adventure and Exploration in the Norwegian-Russian Borderland". Nordlit 31 (201): 71-89.

complete lists

Border Aesthetics (2010-12) er et NFR-finansiert forskningsprosjekt som koordineres av forskningsgruppa Border Culture/Border Poetics ved HSL-fakultetet.


Academic Publications

Border Aesthetics book

Border Aesthetics book

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