Arctic Shipping through Challenging Waters



Upcoming events


Side event at Arctic Frontiers 2018, 24 January:

Governance of Arctic Shipping: Balancing Rights and Interests of Arctic States and User States.






Recent events


January: Arctic Frontiers 2017. Tore Henriksen chairs event on Arctic shipping.

23 May: Arctic Shipping event organised by The Research Council of Norway, Oslo.


9 November: Closing seminar

January: Arctic Frontiers 2016


August/September: Workshop - writing seminar

10. -11 December: Seminar on Arctic Shipping, Singapore

Arrangerer Arktis-konferanse i Singapore.


11 December: Writing seminar, Trondheim

25 November: Workshop om slep i nordområdene, Tromsø.

21 October: Workshop, Tromsø

27 March: Workshop, Tromsø       

28 March: Project presentation, Jan Solski

Participation in Arctic Frontiers 2014.


Workshop in St. Petersburg 8 - 9 October 2013


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