Priser ved UiT Norges arktiske universitet

Practical information

Submission of nominations

The deadline for nominating candidates for UiT's awards is Monday 14 February 2022. Nominations and documentation received after this deadline will not be included in the assessment.

Nominations can be submitted in one of these ways:

- Web form

- E-mail

- External post: SEFU, UiT Norwegian Arctic University, PO Box 6050 Langnes, 9037 Tromsø

- Internal post: SEFU, Administration building

Requirements for nominations

Item 2 of the Statutes applies to requirements for the nomination, format and appendices. The nomination form is here.

Attachment must be in one file in pdf format, max. 10 pages, including nomination form, in Norwegian or English. 


After the deadline, the nominations are considered by the prize committee. The committee assesses the nominations and makes a recommendation to the university board.


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