Primary Investigators:

Holger Pötzsch, UiT (Dept. of Language and Culture) (project leader)

Christine Smith-Simonsen, UiT (Centre for Peace Studies)

Philip Hammond, LSBU (Centre for Media and Culture Research)

Siobhan Thomas, LSBU (Dept. of Arts and Media)

Kristine Jørgensen, UiB (Dept. of Information Science and Media Studies)

Vít Šisler, Charles University Prague (Institute for Information Science and Librarianship)

Kevin McSorley, University of Portsmouth (School of Social, Historical, and Literary Studies)

Adam Chapman, University of Gothenborg (Dept. of Education, Communication, and Learning)


Emil Lundedal Hammar (Dept. of Language and Culture, UiT)

Juliane C. Bockwoldt (Dept. of Language and Culture, UiT

Associated partners:

Tilo Hartmann, VU Amsterdam (Dept. of Communication Science)

James Ash, Newcastle University (School of Arts and Cultures)

Torill Mortensen, ITU Copenhagen

Industry contacts:

Andy Lemon, International Game Developers Association (London Chapter)

Jorg Hauan, The Arctic Game Developing Company (Tromsø)

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