ALTA 2017 Utveksling/Exchange 11-14 June

Practical information

Photo: Marie Louise Somby/ Design: Arktisk design

Accommodation - Book before 1st of April

You can book your accommodation when you register for the conferance here.

Remember to both register and book your accommodation before 1st of April.

Notice: We have reserved rooms until 1 April. To ensure accommodation during the conference you must book before that time.

The conferance hotels are Thon Hotel Alta and Scandic Hotel Alta.  

Cheaper accommondations

There are a limited amount of rooms at the student apartments, which is very near to the conference venue.
Booking can be done here:
 Prize: NOK 495.- per night. Includes bedding and towels.
There are two categories you can choose between, both are furnished and both have access to kitchen.
“Single room” have a private bathroom.
“Singel room furnished” shares a bathroom with one more room. Suitable for people who know each other.

How to get here?

Alta in google maps here.

Our nearest airport is Alta airport. If you are flying from abroad you must fly via Oslo to Alta.

From the airport it`s about a 10 minutt drive with taxi or bus to the City center. The conference hotels, The university where the conference is held, stores and such, are all in walking distance in the city center.

If you are curious about which time zone we are in and what the difference are from were you live, click here.

About Alta

Alta is the largest city in the county of Finnmark, with more than 20 000 inhabitants. Alta is a modern city offering all the services you might require, such as hotels, restaurants, cafés, shops, cultural services and experiences. There are daily direct flights between Norway´s capital, Oslo, and Alta. Flight time is 2 hours. There are also connecting flights to the other municipalities in the county and possibilities to get around by boat, ferry, bus or car.

Weather and clothing in June
Always be prepared for changes in weather conditions; Summer temperatures can reach as high as 25 °C, and as low as 8 °C. Check the weather forecast and be prepared. In summer, we recommend a combination of lightweight and warm clothing. Windproof and water-repellent outer layers are recommended, as are good walking shoes or mountain boots. There are several hiking trails from the city, if you need to take a walk after the conferance. Also notice that some of our conferance venues, as the dinner at Sorrisniva on tuesday, are not high-heeled-friendly. Pants and sneekers or hiking shoes are reccomended.

Nature and activities in June

The location of Alta in the inner reaches of the Alta Fjord means that municipality is able to offer forests, mountain plateaux and coastal and mountain landscapes. This provides numerous opportunities for anyone interested in the outdoor life to experience several aspects of the natural Arctic environment within a short time frame. Alta is also an excellent starting point for longer trips to other destinations and tourist attractions in Finnmark County, which consists of 19 municipalities with a land size of 48,618 km2 - comparable in size to Denmark or Switzerland.

Alta's unique history and natural environment can be experienced throughout the year, but particularly during the summer when it is possible to get out into the countryside and engage in individual activities. The long light summer nights and the midnight sun makes it possible to expand the active day a lot! A wide range of activities are available, including river boating trips, canoeing, off-road cycling, hiking, fishing and ATV trips. For learning more about the history in particular, we recommend the Tirpitz Museum and the Alta Museum, with an outdoor area containing more than 3000 rock carvings, the oldest of which are over 7000 years old.

For more information about what to do in Alta and the surroundings, see: