Border Aesthetics Project (2010-2013) in cooperation with Verdensteatret Cinematek, Tromsø. Continued in 2013 in Joensuu, Finland." /> Border Aesthetics Project (2010-2013) in cooperation with Verdensteatret Cinematek, Tromsø. Continued in 2013 in Joensuu, Finland." />
Border Aesthetics

Filmgrenser / Filmborders

Three series of public film screenings with introductions and following discussions, arranged by the Border Aesthetics Project (2010-2013) in cooperation with Verdensteatret Cinematek, Tromsø. Continued in 2013 in Joensuu, Finland.

2010: Filmgrenser series 1

Programme booklet (ed. Holger Pötzsch)

  1. Elina - Som om jag inte fanns, introduction by Anne Heith, 13 September 2010. 48 participants. info
  2. Welcome Europa, introduction by Henk van Houtum, 27 September 2010. 58 participants. info
  3. Kukushka / Gjøken, introduction by Gerd Bjørhovde, 11 October 2010. 57 participants. info
  4. Raja 1918 / The Border, introduction by Mari Ristolainen, 26 October 2010. 58 participants. info
  5. Im Juli / In July, introduction by Johan Schimanski, 1 November 2010. 46 participants. info
  6. All about Eve, introduction by Stephen Wolfe, 8 November 2010. 58 participants. info
  7. Hiroshima mon amour, introduction by Tim Saunders, 22 November 2010. 50 participants. info
  8. Anonyma - Eine Frau in Berlin, introduction by Holger Pötzsch, 29 November 2010. 54 participants. info

An article in local newspaper iTromsø on 28 August (p. 14), “Mer film på Verdensteatret", mentioned the project and the series. The regional newspaper Nordlys published an article/interview about the project and the series on 8 September (p. 33), “TIFF og universitetet samarbeider om filmhøst: Inviterer til film og grensedebatt”. Tromsø International Film Festival leader Marthe Otte, and project leaders Johan Schimanski and Stephen Wolfe, were interviewed by Martin Høtvedt. The student newspaper Utropia published an article/interview about the project and the series in their 21 September-5 October issue (pp. 24-26), “Grensene åpnes mellom universitet og kino”. Holger Pötzsch and Cinematek leader Julie Eliassen Brannfjell were interviewed by Andreas M. Hellesnes, who also provided a review, "Filmens Grenser", of the first film in series.


2011: Filmgrenser series 2

Programme booklet (ed. Holger Pötzsch)

Director Knut Erik Jensen took part in the discussion at the screening of his Stellar Polaris.

  1. Orlando, introduction by Gerd Bjørhovde, 29 August 2011. 130 participants info
  2. Citizen Kane, introduction by Stephen Wolfe, 12 September 2011. 90 participants. info
  3. Das Leben der Anderen, introduction by Roswitha Skare, 26 September 2011. 40 participants. info
  4. Lone Star, introduction by Lene Johannessen, 10 October 2011. 45 participants. info
  5. Le Cerf-Volant, introduction by Johan Schimanski, 24 October 2011. 40 participants. info
  6. Stellar Polaris, introduction by Holger Pötzsch, with director Knut Erik Jensen,  7 November 2011. 44 participants. info
  7. Breakfast on Pluto, introduction by Ruben Moi, 21 November 2011. info
  8. Eternity and a Day, introduction by Hanna H. Hansen, 5 December 2011. info

An article/interview on Border Aesthetics project and Filmgrenser 2 film series, “Utforsker grenser” appeared in local newspaper iTromsø on 26 August. Holger Pötzsch and Johan Schimanski were interviewed by Inger Præsteng Thuen.


2012: Filmgrenser series 3

Programme booklet (ed. Holger Pötzsch)

  1. The Piano, introduction by Stephen Wolfe, 10 September 2012. 37 participants. info
  2. Stranger than Fiction, introduction by Yael Levin, 8 October 2012. 45 participants. info
  3. Born American, introduction by Mari Ristolainen, 22 October 2012. 15 participants. info
  4. The Desert of the Tartars, introduction by Bjarge Schwenke Fors, 5 November 2012. 20 participants. info
  5. Disgrace, introduction by Gerd Bjørhovde and following discussion, Verdensteatret cinematek, 12 November 2012.  info
  6. Brent av Frost, introduction by Holger Pötzsch and following discussion, Verdensteatret cinematek, 19 November 2012. info
  7. Solaris, introduction by Nadir Kinossian, 3 December 2012. info

Holger Pötzsch was interviewed by Therese Larsen by local newspaper iTromsø, 6 september (with programme) and by Sigrun Høgetveit Berg for the University website, "Ny Sesong med filmgrenser", 28 september.


2013-2014: Continuation of Filmborders in Joensuu

Project participant Mari Ristolainen initiated two series continuing the Tromsø Filmgrenser/Filmborders in a cooperation between the research project Writing Cultures and Traditions at Borders (WTCB), VERA Centre for Russian and Border Studies, the North Karelian Regional Film Association and other partners.

Border Aesthetics (2010-2013), et NFR-finansiert forskningsprosjekt (KULVER) koordinert av forskningsgruppa Border Culture/Border Poetics ved HSL-fakultetet.

Programme booklet 2010

Programme booklet 2011

Programme booklet 2012

Filmborders Joensuu

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