Border Aesthetics Project (2010-2013)" /> Border Aesthetics Project (2010-2013)" />
Border Aesthetics

Border Aesthetics lectures

A series of guest lectures in Tromsø by external participants of the Border Aesthetics Project (2010-2013)

Guest lecture by Chiara Brambilla, 29 May 2012: "Shifting Euro/African Borderscapes: Experiences, Policies and Representations at the Interface of Euro/African Border Nexus" - details - small version

        watch lecture video (production UVETT)

Guest lecture by Reinhold Görling, 29 May 2012: "Crossing the Border: the Event, the Sovereign, the Subject, and the Social" - details - small version

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Guest lecture and introduction to film showing by Lene Johannessen, 5-10 October 2011: “’Perpetual Progress’:  The American-ness of Drude Krog Janson’s A Saloonkeeper’s Daughter” - details.

       Lene Johannessen watch lecture video (production: Stian Andreassen and UVETT)

Guest lecture by Mireille Rosello, 6 April 2011: "The Vulnerable Participant Observer and Native Informant: 'Gadjo Dilo' and the Representation of Roma-French cultures" - details

Guest lecture by Mari Ristolainen, 16 March 2011: "Faceless Gatekeepers? Russian Border Guards' Poems Online" - details

Guest lecture by Urban Wråkberg, 23 February 2011: "Assessing the Barents Region: Contemporary Contests and Alliances in Cross-Border Communities" - details

       Wraakberg2.jpg watch lecture video (production: UVETT)

Guest lecture and introduction to film showing by Henk van Houtum, 27-29 September 2010: “The Abducted and Gated Europe” - “Welcome Europa” (Bruno Ulmer, 2006) - details

Guest lecture by Reinhold Görling, 8 February 2010: "Borders of the Human: On Vulnerability and Violence" - details

       Reinhold foredrag.jpg (ungsinn: 130px) watch lecture video (production: UVETT)



Discussant presentation at "antiAtlas des frontières" conference by Johan Schimanski, "Representation-Fiction at Borders", Aix-en-Provence, 30 September-2 October - info

 Watch lecture video (production: antiAtlas des frontières)

Border Aesthetics (2010-2013), et NFR-finansiert forskningsprosjekt (KULVER) koordinert av forskningsgruppa Border Culture/Border Poetics ved HSL-fakultetet.

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