Contextualizing Linguistic Diversity in Institutional Settings

For this two-day research workshop we wish to gather a variety of perspectives on the – individual, institutional, or political – management of linguistic diversity in different institutional settings.

‘Linguistic diversity’ is a concept around which many research projects are organized in linguistic, anthropological, cultural, educational and other studies. The aim of our workshop is to initiate discussion between scholars researching ‘linguistic diversity’ in various institutional surroundings and to reflect on its conditions, consequences and challenges in ongoing research projects.

‘Institutional settings’ may, on the one hand, refer to particular institutions, such as a school or kindergarten, a company or a public authority. On the other hand, in discourse and language use, various kinds of institutional settings affect interactions between participants. Participants enact institutional roles, and institutional settings define social hierarchies and other frames. Linguistic diversity (on the individual level, in society, or as part of the institutional frames) is managed and contextualized in various ways, in interaction, through language ideologies, active language management, or multimodal frames in linguistic landscapes.

Beyond individual presentations, the workshop will provide space for discussions surrounding research practices, ideologies of ‘linguistic diversity’ in the field and in research, and the role of the researcher vis-à-vis institutional structures and vice versa.

Invited guests:

Jürgen Jaspers (Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium)

Dorte Lønsmann (Copenhagen Business School, Denmark)

Preliminary programme:

Thursday (room B1004)

09:15-09:30    Workshop opening

09:30-10:15    Tamás Péter Szabó (University of Jyväskylä):
Co-constructing and experiencing linguistic diversity in educational spaces in Hungary: an interaction-oriented language ideological study

10:20-11:05    Carola Kleemann (UiT):
Language practices in a Sámi kindergarten in Norway

11:10-11:55    Prue Goredema (Technische Universität Chemnitz):
Where confusion stems from: Learning to teach in a foreign language

11:55-13:30    Lunch

13:30-14:30    Jürgen Jaspers (Université Libre de Bruxelles):
Between the devil and multiple deep seas: implementing monolingual language policy in a context of linguistic diversity

14:35-15:20    Hilde Sollid (UiT):
Schools as language ideological combat grounds or quiet zones?

15:30-16:30    Discussion


Friday (room E0104)

09:30-10:30    Dorte Lønsmann (Copenhagen Business School):
Managing linguistic diversity in a global company: Management vs. employee perspectives

10:35-11:20    Sangeeta Bagga-Gupta (Örebro University):
Languaging and diversity-at-work inside, across and outside educational, work-place and virtual arenas. Contextualizing accountings and performances

11:25-12:10    Florian Hiss (UiT):
Multilingual interactions at the boundaries of institutional discourse

12:10-13:30    Lunch

13:30-14:15    Åse Mette Johansen & Sirkka Seljevold (UiT):
Ethnographic/sociolinguistic film: Language emotions

14:20-15:20    Discussion

15:20-15:30    Workshop closing



Florian Hiss (UiT – The Arctic University of Norway) // Project: Linguistic and Cultural Diversity at Work (NFR/SAMKUL)

Tamás Péter Szabó (University of Jyväskylä, Finland) // Project: Finding own words Metadiscourses, identities and strategies in students’ and teachers’ interactive practices in standard and alternative settings. (EU FP7 Marie Curie IEF)

Hilde Sollid (UiT – The Arctic University of Norway)

Starts: 08.10.15 at 09.15
Ends: 09.10.15 at 15.30
Where: Rom B1004 (torsdag) og E0104 (fredag), HSL-fak
Location / Campus: Tromsø
Target group: All
Responsible: Florian Hiss
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