Bird watching tour at Prestvannet

As part of Tromsø International Week Tromsø University Museum invites you to discover the birdlife at Prestvannet on Saturday June 10th. Guided tour in English and Norwegian, depending on the audience. Start from Bymyra Kindergarten at 10:00 AM. Welcome, Velkommen!

Terns at Prestvannet. Photo: Jan Höper

The birds living in and around the lake Prestvannet form an important part of the wildlife in Tromsø. Explore the birds and their fascinating lifestyle on a guided tour by Tromsø University Museum.

Now at the verge of summer, the tiny lake Prestvannet ("Vicar's Pond") at the top of Tromsø Island is rustling with life.

Here are the talkative gulls, but also several species of ducks, passerines and other shorebirds. The most unusual of them is probably the red-throated diver (Gavia stellata). Not many towns can boast of having several pairs of red-throated divers breeding in the centre of town. They are normally shy and breed well away from human activity.

The shrubs and woods surrounding Prestvannet are home to many other birds, now eagerly singing and nesting. 

We invite you to discover the birds, guided by Wim Vader, professor emeritus at Tromsø University Museum. The guiding is given in English and Norwegian, depending on the audience.

This bird watching tour is a part of Tromsø International week 2017.

The tour is free. Please gather at the parking lot of Bymyra Kindergarten, Langnesvegen, The tour commences at 10.00AM (1000hrs), Saturday June 10th. See map below:

Meeting point: Bymyra Kindergarten at Prestvannet
When: 10.06.17 at 10.00–12.00
Where: Prestvannet, start at Bymyra kindergarten
Location / Campus: Tromsø
Target group: All
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