With data-driven modelling towards a successful energy transition

Benjamin Schäfer fra Center for Technische Universität Dresden gir oss et spennende foredrag om data-drevet modellering energisystemer og utfordringene ved overgangen til fornybare energikilder. 

The Paris conference 2015 set a path to limit climate change to "well below 2°C". To reach this goal, integrating renewable energy sources into the electrical power grid is essential but poses an enormous challenge to the existing system, demanding new conceptional approaches. In this talk, I will give an overview of my recent work and stress the need for data-driven approaches to understand the energy system and how I want to establish an open data base of frequency measurements. First, I will introduce some basics of energy system modelling. Next, I will present my latest research on power grid fluctuations and how they threaten robust grid operation. For this analysis, we collected frequency recordings from power grids in North America, Europe and Japan, noticing significant deviations from Gaussianity. I will also briefly discuss cascading failures in power grids and smart grid applications. Finally, I will sketch the steps towards an open data base and a set of statistical tools to analyze the data.

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When: 25. March 2019 kl. 12.00–13.00
Where: Realfagbygget: B203, Lille Auditorium
Location / Campus: Tromsø
Target group: Employees, Students
Link: Klikk her
Kontakt: Martin Rypdal
Phone: 90175422