To-i-ett/Two-in-One: 1) Dr Sander Goes (BAI) on doing business in Russia; and 2) Dr Bjarge Schwenke Fors (ISV) on art and politics in the Russo-Norwegian border zone

The RSCPR research group is introducing a new seminar mini-series, To-i-ett/Two-in-One, bringing together two papers on different Russia-related topics, in the same place, one talk after another, each followed by a separate discussion. The first duo in the series are Dr Sander Goes (BAI), who will be speaking on doing business in Russia, and Dr Bjarge Schwenke Fors (ISV), who will talk about art and politics in the Russo-Norwegian border zone.

Dr Sander Goes (13:15 - c. 14:35)

"Doing business in Russia: Laws, norms, and profits"

The decision to invest abroad is often the result of a careful calculation between risks and expected profits. Once operative, companies, as any actor, need to follow the written and unwritten laws of society. Predictability and stability of formal institutions, transparency, and trust and legitimacy are all crucial elements of norm- and law-abiding behavior. In this lecture, I discuss the role of laws and norms including public management strategies to enforce the law with an emphasis on societies where the rule of law is less firmly established. An example of a business conflict will be given between a multinational company and the Russian state as the ultimate owner of natural resources on its territory. The goal of this lecture is to discuss practices of compliance from a company’s perspective and from the authorities’ perspective, in order to gain a better understanding of the laws and norms in today’s Russia.

Dr Bjarge Schwenke Fors (c. 14:40 - c. 16:00)

"Politicized art and artistic politics on the Norwegian-Russian border"

On Norway’s border with Russia, art has come to play a highly political role. Local art organizations actively collaborate with national authorities in producing performances that invest the border and borderland with meaning. These “border performances”, performed for local, national and international audiences, are most prevalent during the Barents Spektakel festival which takes place annually in the town of Kirkenes. In this presentation I will contextualize and discuss these performances, as well as the peculiar relationship that exists between art and politics in the Norwegian-Russian borderland. The presentation is based on my recently defended doctoral thesis Border Performances – Politics, art and tourism where Norway meets Russia. The thesis, dealing with political, artistic and touristic performances on the Norwegian-Russian border, aims to identify, explore and increase our knowledge about the role of performances in the construction of state borders and borderlands.

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When: 05. April 2019 kl. 13.15–16.00
Where: SVHUM C-1002
Location / Campus: Tromsø
Target group: Employees, Students, Guests
Kontakt: Andrei Rogatchevski