Workshop proposal writing

In this workshop you will learn how to write a proposal from two invited external experts. The workshop is for both beginners and experienced applicants and our focus is on Horizon Europe and NRC.

The workshop will detail how to write each section for a winning proposal to Horizon Europe (Pillars 1-3). Foto: xxx
On day 1 we start by looking into the basic and general principles for proposals and how to understand Impact. Then we move on to look at Horizon Europe, its structure and how to get involved.

On Day 2, the first session will detail how to write each section for a winning proposal to Horizon Europe (Pillars 1-3). The final session is about communication and outreach activities to achieve Impact of your research.

Intited speakers are:

Dr. Catherine Halbert, founder and managing director of Halbert Research, Ireland. She has specialized in proposal writing focusing on Horizon Europe.

Dr. Anne Sofie Laegran, head of Knowledge Exchange and Impact, University of Edinburgh Research Office, Scotland. She has specialized in Impact and how strategic communication and communication plans can strengthen your proposal.

There is an upper limit in the total number of participants and priority is given to employees at the Faculty of Health Sciences. A smaller number of places are also offered to participants from other faculties at UiT and to employees at regional hospitals.

We encourage you to fill in a one-page proposal template and bring it with you to the workshop for discussions (not mandatory).

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Program for the two days:

Day 1: October 5th

09:00-11:00 A proposal – what and why; basic principles [Catherine Halbert]

  • What is a research proposal
  • Why do funding agencies have different requirements
  • How to read a funding ‘Call’
  • How to write a one-page proposal
  • How to find and meet partners to build a consortium
  • How to plan a realistic schedule for proposal writing

12:15-14:00 Impact – what is it? [Anne Sofie Laegran]

  • What is impact and why is it important
  • How to capture and evidence impact
  • Funder definitions and requirements (focus on UK funding, NFR and EC)

14:15-15:45 Horizon Europe – what it is and how to get started [Catherine Halbert]

  • What is Horizon Europe
  • Opportunities in Pillar 1, Pillar 2 and Pillar 3
  • How to find a suitable funding Call
  • Where to get (free) help
  • How the Project Office can help


Day 2: October 6th

08:30-11:30 Horizon Europe – the proposal [Catherine Halbert]

  • How to write a credible Excellence Section
  • How to write a convincing Impact section
  • How to write a robust Implementation section
  • Understanding the proposal evaluation process
  • What makes a winning proposal

12:30-15:30 Communication and engagement for Impact [Anne Sofie Laegran / Stig Brøndbo]

  • Why is your research important? 
  • Identifying beneficiaries and stakeholders
  • Developing key messages and activities
  • Capturing the evidence
  • Resources - costing engagement
  • How the communications team can help

 Here is a short news article about the workshop (In Norwegian)

Starts: 05.10.22 at 09.00
Ends: 06.10.22 at 15.30
Where: Large Auditorium, MH-building, Tromsø (U6.SA.B Store auditorium)
Location / Campus: Tromsø
Target group: Employees, Students, Guests, Invited
Contact: Inge Waller Nilsen
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