Innovasjonsfrokost Open science and open innovation

The (digital) innovation breakfast the 22th of September is adressing UITs open science policy (Dora declaration) and showing concrete example on how this is used for innovation, entrepreneurship and benefiting society.

Pro-rector Brekke will welcome us, there will be three posts and the remaining time is open for discussions and questions. 


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Lenke til strømming


Welcome Camilla Brekke, Pro-Rector Research and Development, UiT

09.05 -09.20 Kathleen Smart & Per  P. Aspaas, UB.  How UiT helps researchers make their data FAIR. 

09.20 - 09.35 Tamer Abu-Alam, BFE.  Big data: an innovative opportunity for change. 

09.35 - 09.50  Gerit Puhl, Helsefak.   Open science and the garden of forking paths.

 09.50 - 10.00   Questions and dialog

 About the participants

Kathleen Smart (PhD) and Per Pippin Aspaas (PhD) work at the University Library of UiT, helping researchers make their research as openly available as possible. The library has in recent years launched several services such as DataverseNO (an archive for open research data), Open Polar (a search engine for research data and publications on the Arctic and Antarctic), and a series of courses and workshops devoted to the management and sharing of research data in line with the so-called FAIR Principles (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable). Arguably, FAIR data are requisite not only for the democratization of knowledge, but also for research-based innovation across all sectors.

Tamer Abu-Alam is a university lecturer and coordinator for CloudEARTHi and Inspiring the Minds projects. The CloudEARTHi aims to build innovation capacity in the academic sector in the field of using big data in Environmental Sciences, Sustainability and Circular Economy. In addition to supporting existing startups in the big data field, CloudEARTHi also supports students and academics to establish their companies.

Inspiring the Minds project, on the other hand, aims to reinforce the role of universities as agents of change toward a more inclusive society.

Gerit Pfuhl, is professor at Helsefak and member of PSA (Psychological Science Accelerator). This lecture presents that learning and teaching about open science has much in common for successful innovation. 

When: 22.09.22 at 09.00–10.00
Where: Zoom (Lenke i hovedfelt)
Location / Campus: Digital
Target group: Employees, Students, Guests, Invited
Contact: Mette Ravn Midtgard
Phone: 77625241

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