September 21st – 22nd

SymPCa 2023

Developments in symptom research in primary care
Illustrasjons-/bannerbilde for SymPCa 2023
Photo: Gøran Mikkelsen/SAHT

SymPCa 2023: Interdisciplinary symptom symposium

Time: Sept 21st – 22nd 2023
Place: Sommarøy, Tromsø, Norway
Abstracts: The deadline for submitting abstracts was February 17th. Authors have received an e-mail from us about acceptance.

SymPCa 2023 is hosted by the Research Unit for General Practice at UiT The Arctic University of Norway.

Welcome to Sommarøy. Photo: Gøran Mikkelsen/SAHT

Our vision for this interdisciplinary symptom symposium is to engage the research community in new topics on symptom research in primary care. The four conference themes are to be approached broadly from several perspectives, covering both clinical, experience-based and existential dimensions. Each theme will have one or two keynotes, and hopefully a range of presentations from the participants.

Symposium themes

  • Symptoms in clinical interaction and care
  • Symptoms in disease, health and life
  • Symptoms and new technological infrastructures in biomedicine
  • Breath

Starts: 21.09.23 at 11.30
Ends: 22.09.23 at 15.00
Where: Sommarøy, Tromsø, Norway
Location / Campus: Other
Target group: Guests, Invited
Contact: May-Lill Johansen
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