Trial lecture - MSc in Marine Biology Raphaëlle Descôteaux

MSc in Marine Biology Raphaëlle Descôteaux (AMB) will Wednesday 05 October 2022 at 11:15 hold her trial lecture for the PhD degree in Natural Sciences:

“How does diversity, abundance and function of meroplankton contribute to zooplankton communities in the Arctic compared to lower latitudes?"


Streaming site

The trial lecture will be streamed and recorded from panopto, use this link


The thesis is available through Munin in this link.

When: 05.10.22 at 11.15–12.00
Where: MH U.09.301, Aud. Cerebellum
Location / Campus: Digital, Tromsø
Target group: Students, Guests, Invited, Employees
Contact: Mikel Moriana Armendariz
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