March 1: Cracking the code of the Norwegian working culture

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Cracking the code of the Norwegian working culture is about the realities foreigners  face when trying to adapt to a new culture, language, country and most of all to new people. You are invited to listen to Lorelou Desjardins guiding you how to understand the Norwegian work culture and to blend in.

March 1 at 10:30-14 at SVHUM E0101. Please answer by February 25.

Lorelou Desjardins is hoping to give non-Norwegians a glimpse of what make Norway and Norwegians so awkward and so lovable; and to give Norwegians something to think about.

The workshop Cracking the code of the Norwegian working culture invites employees from abroad and those who are employing them to a workshop to see what foreigners meet to cope with when working in Norway. Lorelou Desjardins came to Norway 14 yeares ago. She is a trained lawyer, and writes the blog, as well as opinion pieces in the Norwegian newspaper VG ( commenting the peculiarities of the Norwegian culture in a humoristic manner, and has become a cultural expert on Norway. Her book "A Frog in the Fjord: One Year in Norway" is publised in Norwegian, English and French. 

The seminar will be a mixture of Lorelou talking about her experiences and conversations in smaller groups joining foreign employees and those who are working to assist them at UiT.

After the seminar all are invited to a Guided tour at Mack brewery in Tromsø the same Friday March 1 at 14:30. The brewery was founded in 1877 and the tour includes a film about the development since then, which also shows historical aspects of Tromsø.

Please click here to register for the guided tour at Mack  

When: 01.03.24 at 10.30–14.00
Where: SVHUM E0101
Location / Campus: Tromsø
Target group: Employees, Invited
Phone: +4791662627

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