Timo Szczepanska

M.A. Timo Szczepanska (NFH) will Monday 4 December 2023 hold his trial lecture and defend her thesis for the PhD degree in Social Science

Trial lecture on assigned topic will take place at 10.15:

"The added value of Participatory Modelling and Simulation in Fishery and Environmental Studies Research"

Later, at 12.15 he will defend his thesis entitled:

"Foundations of GAM Research. Methodological Guidelines for Designing and Conducting Research that Combines Games and Agent-based Models"

Evaluation Committee:

  • Dr Christophe Le Page, CIRAD, France (1. opponent)
  • Professor Brian Castellani, Durham University, UK (2. opponent)
  • Professor Bjørn-Petter Finstad, Norwegian College of Fishery Science (internal member and leader of the committee)



  • Professor Melania Borit, Norwegian College of Fishery Science
  • Professor Petter Holm, Norwegian College of Fishery Science

Streaming site

Both the defense and the trial lecture will be streamed and recorded from panopto:


The thesis is available through Munin.

Associate Professor and deputy chairman Eva-Stina Edholm at Norwegian College of Fishery Science will lead the disputation.

When: 04.12.23 at 10.15–15.00
Where: Store auditorium (E-101), Norges fiskerihøgskole
Location / Campus: Tromsø
Target group: Employees, Students, Guests, Invited, Unit
Contact: Ingjerd Gauslaa Nilsen
Phone: +4777646018
E-mail: ign000@uit.no
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