Data Stewardship for PhD and Postdoctoral researchers

Interested in learning more about how to manage your research data, in accordance with best practice and the concept of FAIR data? 


The DocEnhance Data Stewardship course organized by the University Library and High North Academy gives an introduction to research data management - a transferable and much sought-after skill both within and outside of academia.  


The course consists of three modules:  

Module 1 is a MOOC that goes through theory and best practice of data management.  

Module 2 is run as a workshop with live sessions where participants meet to work together on activities related to the theory in Module 1.  

Module 3 puts theory into practice where participants apply the knowledge acquired in Modules 1 and 2 during a placement with a local business or public sector employer.  


The course workload corresponds to 3 ECTS. Passing all three exams (one per module) entitles participants for the DocEnhance Data Stewardship Diploma, which can be used to apply for credits in the home faculty. 


The course is tailored to the needs of PhD candidates but we also welcome postdocs, as the content has proven relevant for this group as well. 



Module 1: MOOC 

Digital kick-off meeting: 12.02.2024 

Estimated work load: 16 hours 


Module 2: Workshop 

Digital kick-off meeting: 11.03.2024 

In-person workshop (Breivika): Week 15 

Estimated workload: 5 full days (including pre-assignments) 


Module 3: Internship 

End of May/beginning of June. The timing of the internship will be arranged in conjunction with the placement host. 

Estimated workload: Maximum 3 days 


Deadline for registration: 07.02.2024 

Minimum participants: 10

Maximum participants: 30

Link to registration form: Data Stewardship Registration 

Contact persons: Katie Smart & Huw Grange (questions about content and schedule), Ireen Vieweg (administrative questions) 


More information about the content and other practicalities: 

Data Stewardship course

What do other people think about the course? Check out this short YouTube video: 


Upon completion of this course, you should have a better understanding of the connection between the overarching goal of research data management and the actual practices, you should be better equipped to manage your current research data, and you should be better prepared for working with new data in future projects - be it inside or outside academia. 

Starts: 12.02.24 at 10.00
Ends: 10.06.24 at 10.00
Where: Zoom link to follow; UiT campus in Breivika
Location / Campus: Digital, Tromsø
Target group: Employees, Students
Contact: Katie Smart

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