The Experimental Health Research Conference (EHRC) – Mímisbrunnr 2023 offers a great opportunity to celebrate the research and the employees at the Dept. of Medical Biology (IMB), Dept. of Pharmacy (IFA), and the Dept. of Clinical Medicine (IKM).

Mímisbrunnr Paper 2023

The jury has been: Synnøve Magnussen (IMB), Hallvard Olsvik (IMB), Trond Flægstad (IKM), and Gøril Eide Flaten (IFA)

Description from the jury: There has been a tough competition among the 13 eligible papers nominated. We have assessed the methodology (advanced and broad), impact and whether most of the work was performed at UiT, but also in collaboration across institutes, universities and countries. We also took into consideration the ranking of the journal within their respective field. The jury would like to emphasize that this has not been an easy job!!

In random order, these are the three selected top papers:

Title: “A human adipose tissue cell-type transcriptome atlas”, published in Cell Reports. The first author is researcher Marthe Noreen-Thorsen and the corresponding author is associate professor Lynn Butler, both from the Translational Vascular research group at IKM. 

Title: “Glioblastoma PET/MRI: kinetic investigation of [18F] rhPSMA-7.3,[18F] FET and [18F] fluciclovine in an orthotopic mouse model of cancer”. Published in the European Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging. The first author is Marcell Lindemann, and the corresponding author is researcher Mathias Krantz from the Nuclear Medicine and Radiation Biology research group at IKM. 

Title: “Tailored anti-biofilm activity – liposomal delivery for mimic of small antimicrobial peptide”. Published in the Biomaterials Advances journal. The first author is associated professor Lisa Myrseth Hemmingsen, and corresponding author is professor Natasa Salko-Basnet, from the Drug Transport and Delivery Research Group at IFA. 


Mimisbrunner Coworker 2023

The jury has been: Jaione Simon (IMB), Claus Klingenberg (IKM), Stine Figenschau (IFA), and Annica Hedberg (IMB).

The intention for this award is that it is an opportunity to celebrate our coworkers, which we often don’t get the chance to do in everyday life.

The Mímisbrunnr Coworker from IKM is Hermoine Jean Venter, from the Pediatric Research group. Nominated by: Erik Knutsen

Hermoine is a very social and engaged your researcher. She has been very active in PYRO (Post doctor and young researcher organization) since it was established, and she is now involved in arranging the Experimental Health Research Conference. She is a “ja-menneske” like no other, which sometimes leads to her having too much on her plate. She is always positive and smiling, and cares for everyone around her. I am sure that the Host Microbe Interaction research group would agree and could further elaborate on her positivity and how involved she is in everyone she works with.

From IMB, the Mímisbrunner Coworker is Anine Andersen. Nominated by Erik Knutsen.

Anine is unfortunately not working at IMB anymore, but has been a key person at the department. Therefore, I think she deserves to be nominated for her contribution to IMB over many years. I think that everyone that has been invovled in teaching at IMB have gotten help from Anine, which is always positive, caring, and last but not least extremely helpful beyond her own tasks. Anine has contributed with far more than what has been expected with her position, and she has had a major positive influence on the work environment. This will be her “last chance» to be able to receive this prize, and I believe Anine as Coworker 2023 should be prioritized.

The Mimisbrunnr Coworker from IFA is Natasa Salko-Basnet. Nominated by Gøril Eide Flaten.

Natasa is one of a kind and our rock! She is a successful professor with collaborators everywhere. But more important is it that she is always available to share here endless knowledge and experience, guide and help colleagues, and she always remembers your birthday :) She is looking after everyone but is especially keeping an eye on the young ones with good advice and actions to help them build their carriers. She is everything you could ever wish for in a coworker and a huge role model for all of us. (Unfortunately, Natasa is out of town to receive the prize herself, but Ann-Mari Holsæter will accept the prize on her behalf)


Best poster

The jury has been: Susannah von Hofsten (IMB), Mathias Kranz (IMB), Laura Werning Schulte (IFA), and Swapnil Bhavsar (IKM)

Description from the jury: We have chosen it as an outstanding poster because of its current and relevant content. It has a layout that makes it easy and clear to follow, good proportion between text and figures, high quality and sharp images, logical conclusions, and finally a good oral presentation from the author.

Winner: Saikat Das Sajib

Poster title: Epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition is a major contributor to intratumor heterogeneity in breast cancer lymph node metastasis.


Best presentation

The jury has been: Jakub Pospisil (IMB), Martin Christensen (IKM), Lisa Myrseth Hemmingsen (IFA)

Description from the jury: We have seen many excellent talks during the conference, however, there can only be one winner. The talk chosen by the jury was engaging and the presenter explained a complex scientific topic very comprehensibly and clearly. Presenter captured and more importantly maintained our attention thanks to the perfect pace together with clear and understandable slides. Well done!

Winner: Inigo Zubiavrre Martinez (IKM) presenting for the best talk.

Presentation title: “Non-invasive immuno-PET imaging to optimize radio-immunotherapy treatment schedules”