BRIDGES Web-Conference: Mind the gap! Interdisiplinary teacher education to address current and future challenges

Welcome to a discussion on research and development, policies, and practices on interdisiplinary teacher education to adress current and future challenges.

Performing interdisiplinary work is decisive to succeed with education rapidly developing and society bringing a future with  uncertainties. Collaboration across different disciplines is needed to face the societal challenges we are up against. 

To succeed, educatiors can contribute, especially if they collaborate across academic disciplines and school subjects. The overall aim of this first BRIDGES WEB conference is to exchange ongoing research and development projects strenghtening interdisciplinary work in teacher education. 


It is free to attend the BRIDGES WEB conference which is 31 March at 15.00-18.00 and 1 April at 09.00-12.00. Zoom-links are found here and in the attached file which is found in the grey box to the right.

Hope to see you!

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The organizing committee

Starts: 31.03.22 at 15.00
Ends: 01.04.22 at 12.15
Where: Digital conference online
Location / Campus: Tromsø
Target group: Students, Guests, Invited, Unit, Employees
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Program for BRIDGES Web-Conference 2022