M365 Dropin (English) – April 13th

Illustrasjons-/bannerbilde for M365 Dropin (English) – April 13th

Do you have small or big questions regarding Word, Excel, Teams, Onedrive, Sharepoint, Onenote etc..?

The IT dep. hosts Dropin for those having questions with anything M365 (prev. Office) related. We will solve your problems, informally and ubashed, sharing our screens as we take it step by step.

Do you find Teams difficult?

Do you keep forgetting where you stored those precious documents? And when you finally found them, why are there now two versions...?

What is Sharepoint?

This is an open hour, with no sign up needed, just click on the link and join the meeting, and get the help you need. Remember, there are no "stupid" questions! Magnus Haug, Gunhild Guttvik and Martin Hykkerud will be in the meeting to help you with your needs. This is also an arena for sharing work methods, best practice exchanges and similar good stuff!

The first dropin will be Thursday 09.03.23, with a second dropin 13.04.23. The link will be valid for both meetings. Don't be afraid to send in questions in advance, to Magnus, Gunhild or Martin either i chat or by email.

When: 13.04.23 at 12.30–13.15
Where: Teams
Location / Campus: Digital
Target group: Employees, Students
Phone: +47 78 45 03 38
E-mail: martin.k.hykkerud@uit.no
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