Trial lecture - Master of Science Changkyu Choi

Master of Science Changkyu Choi will Friday June 9th, 2023, at 10:15 hold his trial lecture for the PhD degree in Science. The title of the trial lecture is:

“Transformer models and their applicability in the marine domain now and in the near future

The trial lecture will be led by Associate Professor Benjamin Ricaud.

Streaming site

The disputas and trial lecture will be streamed from these sites:

Disputas (12:15 - 16:00)

Trial Lecture (10:15 - 11:15)


The thesis is available through Munin.

When: 09.06.23 at 10.15–11.15
Where: Auditorium 1.022, Teknologibygget
Location / Campus: Digital, Tromsø
Target group: Employees, Students, Guests, Invited, Unit
Contact: Helge Ravn
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