Anthropology Research seminar with Mihai Andrei Leaha (University of Barcelona): Collaborative Experimentations: Resisting disinformation in Brazil

Collaborative Experimentations: Resisting disinformation in Brazil

In cooperation with the Norwegian Anthropology Association (Norsk antropologisk forening, NAF) the anthropology section of the Department of Social Sciences is very happy to invite you to this research seminar, which will be streamed:

In post-truth contexts and complex multimedia ecologies the fast-passing flow of information and images is not always innocent. Disinformation practices and covert influence operations have marked the 2022 Brazilian presidential race employing a variety of deceiving images to create “alternative” realities. Interventionist artists, fact-checkers, journalists and projectionists react and resist to this avalanche of “fake news” trough non-iconoclastic practices. Mapping and understanding this movement of iconic resistance to the fake requires both collaborative and multimodal methods.

The short film Verdade & Mentiras (Truth & Lies) provokes the process of iconic modulations performed in the streets of São Paulo by the members of the visual arts collective Arte em Fluxo. During the intense moments of the 2022 Brazilian presidential campaign, we invited the collective to participate in a multimodal experimental collaboration. It was an inventive attempt to combine ethnographic filmmaking and artistic interventions.

The research is part of the ERC project Visual Trust. Reliability, accountability and forgery in scientific, religious and social images. PI Roger Canals

The seminar is part of a wider international workshop on Multimodal Anthropology, held at UiT 12-13th March. It will also include an introduction by Trond Waage and Richard Fraser, on the potentials of multimodal anthropology and the development of a new International Masters Program at UiT.  


When: 15.03.24 at 10.15–12.30
Where: SVHUM E-0101
Location / Campus: Tromsø
Target group: Students, Guests, Invited, Unit, Employees
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