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FYS-3730 Project Paper in Space Physics - 10 ECTS

Type of course

The course is only available to students on the Master's degree programme in space physics. It is not available to any other category of students as a singular or elective course.The course is not available as a singular course.

The project has to be approved by the Programme Board. Application for approval must be submitted to the Programme Board within a deadline, which is normally 1 September in the autumn semester and 1 February in the spring semester. Students apply by handing in a supervision contract along with a project description. Students must register to the exam as for ordinary courses.

Course content

The content of the course will depend on the planned profile of the Master's thesis, which normally is to be carried out in the following semester.

Objectives of the course

Knowledge - The student can:

  • develop and carry out a research project in natural science
  • develop relevant and realistic research questions
  • use theories that are relevant to their individual project
  • use methods that are adequate for the individual project
  • discuss and report the results of the study in a scientific way in relation to existing literature in the field

Skills - The student can:

  • evaluate and analyse real and/ or simulated data
  • evaluate and analyse theories, methods and experiments that are published in literature
  • work independently with practical and theoretical problem solutions

General expertise - The student can:

  • display good communication skills in writing and presentation of scientific work, both for a general public and for specialists in the field
  • follow the code of ethics and rules of conduct in scientific work

Language of instruction and examination

The language of instruction is English or a Scandinavian language. The project paper can be written in English or a Scandinavian language.

Teaching methods

Individual guidance and supervision according to agreement and of one semester duration. Maximum workload for the supervisor is 8 hours, you will receive supervision within these limits.



Examination: Date: Grade scale:
Assignment 16.12.2024 14:00 (Hand in) Passed / Not Passed
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More info about the assignment

The exam is comprised of submission of the project paper within a given deadline. The deadline for submission is normally June 1st in the spring semester and December 15th in fall semester. If the submission date falls on a holiday or a weekend, the submission date is postponed to the first working day after the deadlines.

Re-sit examination

Only if a project paper is assessed as "Failed", it can be submitted again in a revised form. The deadline for submitting a revised assignment is 4 weeks from the time the result is made available. After the second assessment "Failed", the program board must be applied for assignment of a new assignment.
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  • ECTS: 10
  • Course code: FYS-3730
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