spring 2021
JUR-8003 Legal Methods - 6 ECTS

Type of course

Legal Science Methods is one of six courses that make up the compulsory component of the PhD programme.

Course content

The course covers various traditional and relevant legal science and interdisciplinary methods.

Recommended prerequisites

JUR-8001 Examination of the Role and Ethics of the Law, JUR-8002 Philosophy of Science in Law

Objectives of the course

Upon completion of the course the student should have an understanding of the similarities and differences between legal method and legal science method, and of the most important legal science and interdisciplinary methods. The individual student should be capable of formulating method questions of relevance to the individual doctoral project with the aid of the academic content. The course should also help train the student in the use of different methods in research projects.

Language of instruction and examination

English or Norwegian

Teaching methods

The teaching consists of a combination of lectures and discussions in a seminar format.


The course has no formal examination. This must be viewed in the context of the students, after having completed all courses in the programme, submitting one or more pieces of work that will be assessed for a PhD degree in legal science by an assessment committee appointed by the faculty.
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  • Campus: Tromsø |
  • ECTS: 6
  • Course code: JUR-8003
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