autumn 2022
BED-2063 Sustainable Arctic Tourism - 10 ECTS

Application deadline

Applicants from countries within EU/EEA: June 1st for the autumn semester and December 1st for the spring semester. Exchange students and Fulbright students: 1 October for the spring semester and 15 April for the autumn semester.

Type of course

This course can be taken as a singular course.

The course requires the presence on the campus that provides instruction in the subject. The course is not suitable for students who can not attend lessons, group work and the like.

Admission requirements

Higher Education Entrance Qualification. Application code 2199.

Students, who have completed at least (80 ECTS) in one of the following disciplines: Business, Management, Marketing, Computer Science, Information Technology, Engineering, Electrical engineering, Physics, Health, Energy, Fisheries or Biotechnology.

Course content

This course (BED-2063) introduces Arctic tourism as an industry sector as well as a research field. The course presents and critically evaluates the tourism-general ideas and practices in relation to the newly emerged Arctic tourism. Approaching from environmental, political, socio-cultural, and economic perspectives, the students will be presented with theories and practices of tourism sector in general and Arctic tourism in comparative settings. The students will subsequently be invited and encouraged to join in critical discussions and evaluations of the theories and practices for sustainable tourism in Arctic destinations. These activities are combined with assessments of this course.

Objectives of the course


Upon successful completion of this course, the candidate is expected

  • to gain the knowledge on research and practices of Arctic tourism.
  • to have been exposed to established and developing theories in Arctic tourism.
  • to identify corresponding practices and theories in the Artic tourism´s operational settings.
  • to be able to apply the knowledge on designing, developing, and performing a sustainable Arctic tourism.


Upon successful completion of this course, the candidate is expected

  • to identify and critically evaluate Arctic tourism issues.
  • to effectively search and analyse Arctic tourism-relevant information both in theoretical and practical aspects.
  • to conduct research, drawing from theory and practice.


Upon successful completion of this course, the candidate is expected

  • to work effectively and efficiently in a group as well as independently.
  • to have developed research-based academic writing at an appropriate level.

Language of instruction and examination


Teaching methods

The course is offered as an ordinary course on the university campus. Students are required to be present on campus, as the course requires the students´ active participation into the course activities that are compulsory (i.e., group assignments, discussions, and analyses). The teaching consists of lectures, group work, presentations, and discussions.

The schedule for BED-2063 offers the information on where and when lectures, group work, and presentations will take place.

The teaching plan will be available in Canvas before the start of the semester.

The student is responsible for obtaining the information given during the class-room activities, which is not given on different settings (e.g., online).



Students are required to have read the literature as indicated in the lecture plan before attending the lecture. This will make the student better prepared to ask questions and to interact actively in the in-class discussions. In the first and second lectures, the students will be divided into groups for the assignment and presentation.


The students will be offered consultation time. More detailed information is made available on Canvas. Students are advised to prepare questions/issues that needs discussing before the meeting.

Information to incoming exchange students

This course is available for inbound exchange students.

This course has academic prerequisites. Please see the «Admission requirements» section for more information.

Do you have questions about this module? Please check the following website to contact the course coordinator for exchange students at the faculty: INBOUND STUDENT MOBILITY: COURSE COORDINATORS AT THE FACULTIES | UiT


Examination: Date: Duration: Grade scale:
Off campus exam 01.12.2022 13:00 (Hand in) 1 Weeks A–E, fail F

Coursework requirements:

To take an examination, the student must have passed the following coursework requirements:

Assessments 1 Approved – not approved
Assessments 2 Approved – not approved
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More info about the coursework requirements

To take the home-exam students must have completed and passed two mandatory assignments.

Re-sit examination

There will not be an arranged re-sit exam for this course.
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  • ECTS: 10
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