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Hektoen, Ane-Marie

Program coordinator
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Harald Sakarias Brøvig Hansen - graduated from the IFM-program in 2015.
What has the Northeast Atlantic cod stock to do with his participating in the NRK TV reality program "Skårungen"?

Why did you apply for the International Fisheries Management program?

I was interested in global fisheries from an interdisciplinary approach and knew that the Norwegian College of Fishery Science is among the best places in the world to study fisheries.

What is your opinion about the program?

The degree gave me a good overview of different elements of international fisheries including valuable experience from research cruises. I like the combination of fishery, marine ecology, resource economicts and social science. However, to optimize my outcome of the program demanded a lot of effort, as it covers so many topics. A bonus is that studying together with students from all over the world gave me valuable training in English and prepared me to work in an international environment.

Do you have a job within the field today?

I am a doctoral research fellow at the Fridtjof Nansen Institute right outside Oslo. My research centers around management of marine resources that change their distribution and implications for international fisheries management.

How relevant is your degree in fisheries management for your job today?

Having a broad understanding of fisheries which goes beyond what a single biologist, political scientist or lawyer can understand is useful for me when I approach questions of international fisheries management in my research. My master thesis lead me to the job I have today. However, while what we learned at IFM is very useful, it is important to note that there is a limited amount of jobs and that employers not always understand the value of being interdisciplinary.

What was your experiences with taking part in the TV series "Skårungen" last year?

The Northeast Atlantic cod stock is the worlds largest cod stock and among Norways most valuable resources. This is what makes the Lofoten fishery so fantastic and I always dreamt about taking part in this outstanding winter fishery. Getting the chance to spend weeks there together with NRK was a dream come true, with the great bonus of educating the Norwegian population about the importance of fisheries to our nation.

A "skårunge" is traditionally a first-time boy (or girl) on fishing.

To the TV-serie (only in Norwegian)


Link to application forms og guidelines for field work support.

NAME: Carlos Fernando López Zurita
FROM: Spain
Second year master’s student, IFM

The big difference between my prior studies and the IFM is that here you are expected to take more responsibility for your own learning. You need to work regularly throughout the semester and demonstrate independent thinking. I believe this is a valuable lesson that applies not only to your master’s studies but also to prospective work in fisheries management.

Tromsø is actually not so different from my home city, Granada. In Tromsø, you can always have a good time alongside your studies, whether you want to get involved in sports, enjoy the city’s vibrant social scene, go hiking in the mountains, or even try out cross-country skiing. The trails and slopes are often only minutes away from your doorstep.

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