Risk and Reliability

Tilhører studiet:
Technology and Safety in the High North - master

Risk and Reliability

Tilhører studiet:
Technology and Safety in the High North - master
Application deadline

Nordic applicants: 15th of April

International applicants: 15th of November

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Lisbeth Klausen


This discipline focuses on knowledge and skills in risk and reliability theory for complex systems, advanced use of modelling, software and expert judgement, and methods and tools for managing and controlling risk and safety for technological systems.


  • has a solid basis in engineering in general and advanced level of knowledge in one of the disciplines offered.
  • has advanced knowledge about the scientific theory and methods of engineering, engineering challenges and solutions related to industrial activities especially in the Arctic.
  • can apply their knowledge to new technological areas.
  • can analyze academic problems of engineering based on the history, traditions and uniqueness of technology.
  • has a thorough knowledge and understanding of key theoretical and practical concepts and terminology in the area of technology and safety.
  • has advance knowledge and understanding of the fundamental basis of risk and reliability engineering.
  • has in-depth knowledge about scientific theory, methods and tools for managing and controlling complex technical systems and operations in different environmental condition.
  • can apply their knowledge of risk and reliability to new technological areas.


  • can analyze existing theories, methods and interpretations within technology and safety.
  • can apply theoretical concepts and terminology of risk and reliability engineering in analysis of complex technical systems and operations in a harsh environment.
  • can critically read and analyze miscellaneous sources of information, and use the information for structuring and formulating academic argumentation within the chosen field of study.
  • can work independently with problem solving in their disciplines.
  • can carry out an independent, limited research/development project under supervision and in accordance with applicable norms for research ethics.
  • can use of existing knowledge and theories of technology safety for analyzing, planning and solving engineering related problems
  • can use risk and reliability theory for operation and maintenance management and engineering of technology.
  • can model the impact of environment condition on the performance of technology and safety.
  • can use the historical date and also simulation in the process of decision making for improvement of the safety of engineering system.

General competence:

  • can critically read, cite, analyze and understand scientific literature
  • can independently communicate scientific information clearly and precisely, both written and oral forms for both general public and specialists in the field.
  • can apply his/her knowledge and skills in new areas, for solving advanced working tasks and also in contribution to innovation.
  • can reflect on their professional practice, work in groups, manage report writing, presentation, and function in a multi-disciplinary team.

Admission to the Master program requires a relevant Bachelor’s degree in engineering (180 credits), or other relevant technological degree on Bachelor level. The bachelor’s degree must contain minimum 25 credits mathematics, 5 credits statistics and 7.5 credits in physics. Some of the courses in the bachelor program have a certain amount of statistics included and can be accepted.

Admission to the programme normally requires a BSc. average grade of “C” or higher. All educational activities will be in English.

Relevant field of study may be automation, process and gas technology, nautical science, mechanical, processing, safety, civil engineering. Other fields of study may be considered upon individual assessment.

Applicants from Norway or Nordic countries:

Applicants from outside the Nordic countries:

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