Nautical Science

Tilhører studiet:
Technology and Safety in the High North - master

Nautical Science

Tilhører studiet:
Technology and Safety in the High North - master
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Nordic applicants: 15th of April

International applicants: 15th of November

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Lisbeth Klausen


The discipline focuses on knowledge and skills in theory and regulation regarding ship stability in normal and challenging operation, hydrodynamics and environmental criteria for marine operations, and the use of advanced navigation systems in modern ships.

Listed below are the learning outcomes for the discipline in Nautical science for the Master´s degree in Technology and Safety in the High North. For the general learning outcomes for the Master`s, see the main page.


  • has a thorough knowledge and understanding of issues, theoretical concepts and regulatory framework of static and dynamic ship stability, both in intact and damage ship hull conditions.
  • has an overview of the principles in radio technology and advance knowledge in interference and noise in radio signals.
  • has advance knowledge and understanding of limitations and design principles of maritime navigation, positioning (DP) and radio communication systems.
  • has advance knowledge of marine operations in the ocean space with emphasis on how the environment is affecting the performance of operations.


  • can carry out and make use of existing knowledge and theories of dynamic stability with reference to intact and damage hull conditions.
  • can analysis how external forces influence the integrity of seagoing vessels.
  • can propose and evaluate solutions for planning of effective operations.

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