Bilde av Guttvik, Gunhild Årnes
Bilde av Guttvik, Gunhild Årnes
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Gunhild Årnes Guttvik



Personal information:
 -Born 28.04.1979
 -1 child


1 January 2019- Now: The University of Tromsø, Faculty of Health Sciences - Section for Organization and Finance

1 April 2010- 31.12.2018: The University of Tromsø, Faculty of Health Sciences - Section for Human Resources and Financial Services

Human resources advisor/deputy head of section  100 % permanent position.

1 January 2009-31.03.2010       Adecco Norge AS

Consultant 100 % permanent position.

- Responsible for recruitment of candidates to educational personnel, supply and logistics,
  and sales within the sector of construction and industry
- Responsible for all follow up of clients and temporary staff as mentioned above
- Responsible for salaries
- Responsible for interview training at the career centre
- Guidance for educational personnel

1 February 2008 – 31.12.2008 Adecco Norge AS Tromsø

Head of department B&I Troms 100 % permanent position.

Responsible department construction and industry Troms county

-1 cost centre divided between 2 offices (Harstad and Tromsø)
-Responsibility for three consultants (Personnel matters)
-Responsible for sales and marketing

1 September 2005 – 1 February 2008 Adecco Norge AS Tromsø

Consultant 100 % permanent position

-Responsible for recruitment of candidates to Posten Norge AS, other clients in supply and  
 logistics , educational personnel,  construction and industry.
-Responsible for all follow up of clients/temporary staff  as mentioned above.

1 August 2004-1 September 2005 cultural kindergarten  Tromsø

Head of educational personnel  100 % permanent position

-Health and safety officer
-Responsible for drama teaching department Tusseskogen, 0-6 years
-Reorganised the department
-Involved in employing new assistant

1 November 2003- 1 August 2004 Tromsø

Maternity leave

1 April 2003 – 1 November 2003 Tromsø county, department for culture and sports, Alfheim swimming pool and Nautilus gym 

Project manager/acting manager

-Compilation of internal supervision for the unit.
-Evaluation of the organization, swimming pool and gym in a financial context.
-Evaluation of the gym in relation to the skills of the employees, worked out a plan of action.
-Went through matters of personnel for the entire company, worked out a plan of action.
-Worked out recommendation regarding rotation/working hours.
-Responsibility for interview and employment of new temporary employees.
-Responsible for staff meetings, performance interviews, follow up of finance and rotation 

February 2002 – March 2003 Seljestad primary school Harstad

Head of class

-Teacher for 3rd grade class
-Responsible for social events
-Responsible for Christmas party for the entire staff of 40, administrative staff included
-Certificate of competence: participated and passed course in lifesaving
-Responsible for all swimming training for 4th, 5th and 6th grade classes

Summer 2002 Star Tour Gran Canaria

Head of service in temporary position

-Responsibility for personnel and instruction of 13 guides.
-Star Tour manager at the airport.
-Responsibility for finance

2001-2002 Star Tour Gran Canaria

Travel representative

Summer 2001 Star Tour Gran Canaria

Head of children´s clubs “Bamseklubben” and “Super Kids”

-Plan and carry out activities for children in the age group 4-11 years


2011 -         University of Tromsø

Experience-based Master´s degree Program in management

1999-2001 Queen Maud´s College of Early Childhood Education (DMMH), Trondheim

- spokesperson for 2 semesters
- worked at refugee camp in second year practice. Was involved in starting up a
   kindergarten for the children at the camp, in addition I lived there the entire period in order
   to be in close proximity to the families and the children.
- lectured about multicultural understanding to last year students with 90 students in each 
  class after practice in refugee camp in project arranged by DMMH.
- Was in Zambia and had responsibility for a 1st grade class at a school there for 1 ½ months 
   in the 3rd year of study.

Positions i Rotaract Tromsø:
President 2007/2008 management development, network building,  among other things 17 members

K0, K1, K2, K3 (consultant courses), interview course, presentation course, program administration course(IT), LUP1: Manager development programme (4 gatherings).