Jane Katrine Kjøterøe

Job description

Jane Kjøterøe is a specialist in clinical adult psychology and is associated with the clinical psychology research group. Many years of experience as a clinical psychologist within healthcare organizations and child protection. Further education in cognitive therapy, relationships and networks and the psychology association's supervisor training. Position as university lecturer and works mainly with guidance and teaching on the professional study program in psychology. Subject responsibility for the main practice and teacher/supervisor in the professional study, especially the clinical 5 year. Teaches, among other things, suicide assessment, cognitive therapy and other clinical subjects. Mainly interested in counseling and therapeutic interventions. Participates in the research project: Skills training in cognitive behavioral therapy for social anxiety.

  • Catharina Elisabeth Arfwedson Wang, Yngvild Arnesen, Elisabeth Ovanger Barrett, Agnes Bohne, Karen Hopmann, Ragnhild Sørensen Høifødt et al.:
    Derfor har tiltakene skapt lidelser for barn og unge
    Morgenbladet 2021
  • Jane Kjøterøe, Vemund Nordnes Myrbakk, Inger Marie Holm, Charlotte Bjørnskov Goll, Erlend Bønes, Geir Øyvind Stensland :
    Bruk av videokonferanse og nettbasert terapi - MasterMind Norge
    2017 FULLTEKST

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    • Subject responsibility for Main practice PSY-2900 and final oral exam
    • Supervisor in the internal clinic
    • Lecturer in suicide assessment, cognitive therapy and guidance
    • Mentor in vocational training
    • Supervisor preclinical course