Employees – Department of Psychology

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Employees – Department of Psychology

Eisemann, Martin

Professor, Vice head
Department of Psychology
Research interests:

Personality, parental rearing, vulnerability models, quality of life, clinical psychology, alcohol abuse in adolescents, outcome research, perceived safety, internet-based mental health interventions.

H-index (Oktober 2020) : 52

Skre, Ingunn

Head of department, associate professor
Department of Psychology
Research interests:

Clinical psychology

Nosology and behavior genetics of mental disorder

Mental health in adolescence

Evidence based practice in psychotherapy

Measurement in clinical psychology

Lorem, Geir F

Vice dean of education - Professor
Department of Psychology
Research interests:

Academic disciplines
Caring and Health Sciences, Ethics, Philosophy

Public health, Professional Ethics, Mental health, visual methods, Philosophy of Science

Bjørkedal, Espen

Research group for cognitive neuroscience

Lillevoll, Kjersti

Department of Psychology
Research interests:

Clinical psychology: Psychotherapy, common factors in therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy.

E-mental health: Stepped care, prevention and early intervention.

Health psychology: Chronic fatigue syndrome/Myalic encephalomyelitis (CFS/ME) and psychological factors

Developmental psychology: Identity development, adolescence 

Qualitative and quantitative research methods. 

Dahl, Tove I.

Department of Psychology
Research interests:

Cognitive and situated perspectives on learning
Language comprehension
Language acquisition/learning
Peace education
Learning and Assessment
Learning in non-formal environments
Life (and sleep) in the High North
The tourist experience

Koppen, Andrea

Department of Psychology

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