Bilde av Blomsø, Sindre Øyan
Photo: Torje Jenssen

Sindre Øyan Blomsø

Job description

Project afilliation:

Learning, Assessment and Boundary-Crossing in Teacher Education (LAB-Ted, 2019-2023) funded by the Norwegian Research Council (FINNUT) (led by Prof. Rachel Jakhelin, UiT Norges arktiske universitet with co-principal investigators Prof. May Britt Postholm, NTNU and Prof. Viv Ellis, King's College London). 

RITE (Research in teacher education) (research group at ILP, UiT) 

  • Sindre Øyan Blomsø, Rachel Elise Jakhelln, May Britt Postholm :
    Student teachers’ experience of participating in a research and development project in Norway
    Frontiers in Education 2023 ARKIV / DOI
  • Sindre Øyan Blomsø :
    The Change Laboratory Method in Developmental Work: A Scoping Review of Its Application in Teacher Education and Schools

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