Bilde av Noureddine, Rami
Bilde av Noureddine, Rami
Department of Industrial Engineering

Rami Noureddine

  • Sailesh Gautam, Rami Noureddine, Wei Deng Solvang :
    Machine Learning and IIoT Application for Predictive Maintenance
    Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering 2023 DOI
  • Ayah Mohamad Yazid Faisal Mustafa, Rami Noureddine, Diana Santalova Thordarson :
    IoT in Arctic Tourism – A Case-study of the Tourist Information Office in Narvik
    Proceedings of the [xx]th Conference of Open Innovations Association FRUCT 2022 ARKIV
  • Rami Noureddine, Wei Deng Solvang, Espen Johannessen, Hao Yu :
    Proactive Learning for Intelligent Maintenance in Industry 4.0
    Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering 2020 ARKIV / OMTALE / DOI

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    Research interests

    I am Interested in industry 4.0 applications, operations research and optimization, mechatronics system design, sustainable supply chain management, smart logistics, and digitalization for sustainable tourism management with a focus on the arctic region.