Bilde av Westad, Christina
Bilde av Westad, Christina
Senter for helsefaglig pedagogisk utvikling +4777660461 Here you can find me

Christina Westad

Digital Partner, Advisor in learning-enhancing technology

Job description

My position aims to create closer collaboration between the academic environment and units at UiT, to maintain that teaching and learning keep high quality facilitated by digital tools.

Key tasks:
 - Application and facilitation of technology in teaching and learning at Helsefak(the Faculty of Health Sciences) and UiT
 - Project support for digital project activities at Helped / Helsefak
 - Guidance and competence development for scientific staff at Helsefak
 - Strengthen digital collaboration between the academic environments at the faculty, ITA, and other units at UiT
 - Contribute to national projects and activities related to digital education services

Research interests

Learning strategies, culture, guidance and competence development, didactics, ICT and learning, digital competence.

Member of research group


2018-2020 Master's degree in pedagogy. UiT - The Arctic University of Norway
2019 Student at UC Berkeley. Education/sociology. The University of California, Berkeley (UCB).
2014-2018 Bachelor's degree in pedagogy. UiT - The Arctic University of Norway