Photo: Sara Lupini
School of Business and Economics in Tromsø sara.lupini@uit.no Tromsø

Sara Lupini

PHD candidate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Job description

My research is focused on sustainable transformations in the tourism sector.
I am interested in creative participatory methodologies supportive of transformative learning for sustainability.

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  • Lupini, Sara. Corporate social responsibility at the core of new business models. Proceedings of the ICE - Energy 2016; Volum 169 (3). ISSN 1751-4223.s 110 - 125.
  • Bertella, Giovanna; Lupini, Sara. Playing our way to a more sustainable future. (fulltekst) 2022.
  • Lupini, Sara; Bertella, Giovanna. Tools for Sustainable Transformations in Tourism. 29th Nordic Symposium on Tourism and Hospitality Research 2021-09-21 - 2021-09-23 2021.
  • Vidmar, Benjamin; Bertella, Giovanna; Lupini, Sara. Innovation and Sustainability Workshop with Polar Permaculture Solutions. 2020.
  • Bertella, Giovanna; Måseide-Olsen, Anne-Karin; Lupini, Sara; Rossi Romanelli, Cecilia; Font, Xavier. Innovation and Sustainability through Creative Workshops. Innovasjonsprosjekt i samarbeid med Tromsø Kommune, Visit Tromsø, Tromsø Sentrum AS og Næringsforeningen, Flow Coworking.. 2020.
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