Torbjørn Norberg Myhre

PhD student

Job description

PhD student at the research group natural products and medicinal chemistry.

Work includes metabolomics and lipidomics by mass spectrometry.

  • Jon Brage Svenning, Terje Vasskog, Karley Lynn Campbell, Agnethe Hansen Bæverud, Torbjørn Norberg Myhre, Lars Dalheim et al.:
    Lipidome Plasticity Enables Unusual Photosynthetic Flexibility in Arctic vs. Temperate Diatoms
    Marine Drugs 2024 DOI
  • Sietske Grijseels, Torbjørn Norberg Myhre, Terje Vasskog, Terkel Hansen, Marie Mardal :
    Development and validation of an LC-HRMS analytical platform for a long-term, clinical metabolome profiling study

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    Research interests


    Torbjørn Norberg Myhre is a member of the Natural Products and Medicinal Chemistry Research Group at the Department of Pharmacy at UiT - The Arctic University of Norway. His research projects are focused on the development and validation of methods for a SQL database of untargeted metabolome data from population study biobank samples. 



    1) Untargeted metabolomics

    2) Global/targeted metabolomics and lipidomics

    3) Method development for LC- and GC-MS/MS analyses

    4) Semi-quantification in high resolution mass spectrometry (HRMS)



    TROMBOLOME - TROMsø study metaBOLOME is a project that aims to build a SQL database of untargeted metabolome data which can be used with registry data of participants to uncover metabolic patterns associated with myocarial infarction, and as such improve the insight of the pathology of this disease.



    Bachelor level

    FAR-1302 Pharmacetical organic chemistry

    FAR-2301 Medicinal chemistry and natural products chemistry

    FAR-2302 Pharmaceutical Analysis

    Master level

    FAR-3311 Advanced Analytical Chemistry

    FAR-3312 Advanced Practical Analytical Chemistry - Lab course 

    PhD level

    FAR-8311 Advanced Analytical Chemistry 2

    FAR-8312 Advanced Practical Analytical Chemistry 2 - Lab course