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Helle Rønn Smidt

  • Ellen Gabrielsen Hjelle, Helle Rønn Smidt, Anita Haahr, Silje Bjørnsen Haavaag, Dorthe Sørensen, Maria Victoria Navarta-Sánchez et al.:
    Filling the gap in service provision. Partners as family carers to people with Parkinson's disease: A Scandinavian perspective
    Chronic Illness 2023 DOI
  • Maria Victoria Navarta-Sánchez, Ana Palmar-Santos, Azucena Pedraz-Marcos, Claire Reidy, Dia Soilemezi, Anita Haahr et al.:
    Perspectives of people with Parkinson's disease and family carers about disease management in community settings: A cross-country qualitative study
    Journal of Clinical Nursing (JCN) 02. February 2023 ARKIV / DOI

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