Bilde av Hovde Bø, Gaute
Bilde av Hovde Bø, Gaute
Department of Medical Biology

Gaute Hovde Bø

PhD Student

Job description

PhD project name:

Investigating the impact of antibiotic and probiotic use on the early life human gut microbiome: A metabolomic approach

  • Workflows for both targeted and untargeted metabolomics will be established for stool samples derived from infants.
  • We also aim to explore which molecular features of probiotics that influences the growth of potential pathogenic bacteria in the gut. 
  • The overall aim of the project is to identify molecular markers that can serve as promising targets for the prevention and diagnostics of early life infections.

I am also working as a staff engineer at the Proteomics and Metabolomics Core Facility (PRiME) ( 

In addition I am the PhD/postdoc representative and twitter responsible for CANS ( 

  • Lilja Brekke Thorfinnsdottir, Laura Garcia Calvo, Gaute Hovde Bø, Per Bruheim, Lisa Marie Ivarsdatter Røst :
    Optimized Fast Filtration-based Sampling and Extraction Enables Precise and Absolute Quantification of the Escherichia coli Central Carbon Metabolome
    Metabolites 2023 ARKIV / DOI
  • Lilja Brekke Thorfinnsdottir, Gaute Hovde Bø, James Alexander Booth, Per Bruheim :
    Survival of Escherichia coli after high-antibiotic stress is dependent on both the pregrown physiological state and incubation conditions.
    Frontiers in Microbiology 2023 ARKIV / DOI
  • Christian Lentz, Theresa Wagner, Bhupender Singh, Md Jalal Uddin, Gaute Hovde Bø, Jeanette Grunnvåg et al.:
    Standen "Bli med...som mikrobejeger" på Forskningstorget i Trømso, Forskningsdagene.

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    Supervision of master students

    Spring 2022: MBI-1002
    Autumn 2022: ODO-2008 and HEL-0700

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