Bilde av Voloshyna, Tetyana
Bilde av Voloshyna, Tetyana
Department of Medical Biology

Tetyana Voloshyna

  • Tetyana Voloshyna, Natalia Smaglyukova, Timofei Kondratiev, Roy Andre Lyså, Ole Martin Fuskevåg, Aina Westrheim Ravna et al.:
    Effects of perfluorosulfonic acids on P-glycoprotein mediated transport in the intestinal epithelial barrier

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    Research interests

    Liver cell biology, especially liver sinusoidal endothelial cells and their role in ageing and disease. The use of nanomedicines for drug delivery. 

    Environmental toxicants and their effects on human physiology.

    Member of project


    Academic background: 

    2016-2019 Bachelors of science in Biomecicine, UiT The Arctic University of Norway

    2019-2021 Masters of science in Biomedicine, UiT The Arctic University of Norway