Bilde av Pospíšil, Jakub
Bilde av Pospíšil, Jakub
Department of Medical Biology You can find me here

Jakub Pospíšil

Postdoctoral research fellow

  • Mélanie T. M. Hannebelle, Esther Raeth, Samuel M. Leitao, Tomáš Lukeš, Jakub Pospisil, Chiara Toniolo et al.:
    Open-source microscope add-on for structured illumination microscopy
    Nature Communications 2024 DOI

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    Publications outside Cristin


    • J. Pospíšil, G. Wiebusch, K. Fliegel, M. Klíma, T. Huser, “Highly compact and cost-effective 2-beam super-resolution structured illumination microscope based on all-fiber optic components,” Optics Express. 2021, 29(8), 11833-11844. ISSN 1094-4087.
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    Research interests

    • Liver sinusoidal endothelial cells (LSECs)
    • Super-resolution structured illumination microscopy (SR-SIM)
    • Image processing

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    Member of project


    Jakub Pospíšil was born in Jinřichův Hradec, Czech Republic in 1990. He graduated from the High School of Electrical Engineering in Třebíč, specialization Electronic Computer Systems, in 2010. After that, he obtained the Electrical Engineering degree (M.Sc.) with distinction in Radioelectronics, specialization in Communication, Multimedia and Electronics from the Czech Technical University in Prague (CTU), Faculty of Electrical Engineering (FEE) in 2015.

    He enrolled in the doctoral study program at the CTU FEE in 2015 and defended his doctoral thesis entitled "Compact structured illumination microscopy and performance evaluation in live cell super-resolution imaging" in 2022.

    Jakub Pospíšil has joined the Vascular Biology Research Group (VBRG), Department of Medical Biology, UiT The Arctic University of Norway in July 2022 where he works as a postdoctoral research fellow.