Marit Huizer

PhD Student

  • Marit Huizer, Kristine Haugland, Agnethe Hansen Bæverud, Jon Brage Svenning, Kine Østnes Hansen, Espen Holst Hansen et al.:
    LC-Orbitrap MS/MS based untargeted lipidomics of marine microalgae
  • Vladimir Nikiforov, Dorte Herzke, Maria Marit Huizer :
    Tris(2,4-Ditert-Butylphenyl)Tiophosphate - A New Plastic Additive or a Transformation Product of a Common Plastic Additive? Report on the First Time Detection, Structure Elucidation and Synthesis of an Authentic Sample

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    Research interests

    Job Description:

    Marit Huizer is currently pursuing her PhD and is a part of the research group Natural Products and Medicinal Chemistry. Her research work is specifically focused on lipid and pigment analysis of marine microalgae and bioactivity studies. All of this is being done under the AlgScaleUP project.

    Research Interests:

    1. Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry
    2. Untargeted Lipidomics
    3. Bioprospecting 

    ORCID: Marit Huizer

    ResearchGate: Marit Huizer

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